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TA-4J Skyhawk

by John Pearson


TA-4J Skyhawk





Here is my TA-4J in 1/48th scale. The aircraft is a TA-4J of VX-4. 

Since there are no accurate TA-4 Slyhawks in 1/48 I decided to create my own. For some reason I don't seem to have the ability to build anything out of the box anymore.



The kits used are the OA-4M and the A-4E Skyhawks from Monogram. I guess I am a Monogramaholic! 

I started the project by acquiring the kits off Ebay, paying the minimum amount through patience. I got the idea through fellow Hyperscalers. To cut a long story short, I cut the fuse;age behind the intakes and used the forward half of one of the drop tanks of a 1/48th Thud that I have to create the rear of the canopy fairing. A little putty here and there and voila



I used Superscale decals and Modelmaster enamels to finish this model. This particular bird is in the Colorful Skyhawks of Detail and Scale Publications. I used my personal photos for detailing. 



This is a project that anyone could complete. I don't feel like donating funds to Hasegawa or having to wait for another manufacturer to produce this variant. If anyone would like to try this, please email me and I will help with what I did to achieve this result.


Text and Images Copyright 2000 by John Pearson
Page Created 22 February, 2001
Last Updated 18 July, 2001

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