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Sud-Ouest Vautour IIN

by Chris McKee


Vautour IIA


Hi-Tech's 1/48 scale Vautour IIN is available online from Squadron.com




Here is Hi-Tech's 1/48 scale Vautour IIN two-seater.

This is the most difficult kit I have ever built. It needed loads of swear words and filler to see it finished.

The resin pieces were excellently formed but they did not fit inside the plastic fuselage halves. I had to sand and grind both resin and plastic.

The wing fit is terrible and I used car body filler to sort them out in the end.

The white metal is poorly cast and needs lots of cleaning up.

I used IPMS Israel's magazine as a reference. This was fantastic, with colour profiles and B&W photos. This aircraft was named 'Vampire' and was destroyed in a ground fire. Marking were made on the computer with insignia from Isradecal sheets.

Overall Hi-Tech's Vautour IIN was a tough nut that would still be in a shoe box were it not for the inspiration of my friend Yoav. However, Hi-Tech have at least given us a kit to start with. Madmen (& women) will build them - but only one I guess! When finished this is an impressive model and very large. It will look excellent next to my Aeroclub Canberra, but that's another story!



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