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by Adrian Whitehead






I recently completed this 1/48 scale XP-77 from Czech Model. I bought it on special from Squadron Mail Order around 18 months ago.



The kit is injected molded with a single plastic sprue and quite a few spare pieces. A number of the resin parts are doubled up on the injected sprue. The kit includes resin weighted wheels, resin cockpit and resin engine block which only has detail on the front. The resin undercarriage bay doubles as a weight to keep the front wheel on the ground

The instructions suggest that the cockpit should be fitted before the fuselage is assembled. I found that the cockpit sides had to be narrowed by trimming. I eventually fitted the cockpit by gluing the cockpit sidewalls to the fuselage interior, and then feeding the cockpit floor through the hole in the bottom of the fuselage (before fitting of wing). 



The undercarriage mounts had to be drilled and a spacer fitted inside the wing to strengthen the joint.



Czech Models' XP-77 is a good kit overall, although it does require patience and a little ingenuity to overcome a few problems. This kit might not be for everyone but I enjoyed the challenge.

Czech Models' XP-77 in 1/48 scale is available online at Squadron.com

Model, Images and Text Copyright 2001 by Adrian Whitehead
Page Created 14 March, 2001
Last Updated 18 July, 2001

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