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Pegasus / Silver Cloud / Blue Max
Press Release

by Chris Gannon

I was telephoned today by someone who read about the sale of my enterprise on HyperScale. I thought I'd drop you a line so you can have the facts 'from the horse's mouth' so to speak.

I have had several major changes in life and these have extended to career as well. I am now no longer in the position to run Pegasus full time and have struggled trying to run matters on a part-time basis for the past three years. With the decision made to concentrate on my other careers, I have now decided to relinquish all involvement in the business and would like to offer the whole enterprise to either continue with manufacturing, or simply retail the existing stock.

Naturally, I would include the remaining stock, domain name www.pegasusmodels.com , good will and trade names for Pegasus Models, Blue Max Productions and Silver Cloud. An international business reputation which stretches back to 1982. The entire artwork for the successful decal sheets (inc. the Lozenge decals) would be included on disc to allow anyone to manufacture these sheets via their own printers. In addition, I have completed the entire injection moulded production run of the new Blue Max 1/48 Macchi M.5 kit. This would simply need the addition of the metal parts (masters completed), decals (artwork completed) and packaging to commence retailing a very popular and long awaited kit. – one could even market it under their own banner if required.

Sadly, I simply do not have the time anymore to continue with a business which I care for. I would dearly like the company to go to someone who would appreciate its worth and if possible, continue the lines. The stock and manufacturing plant are worth a substantial amount and could be easily liquidated, or converted to a myriad of uses. My focus nowadays is elsewhere and I have found immense satisfaction in the work that I do.

Please feel free to contact me at the email address below.

Chris Gannon chris@pegasusmodels.com

15 July, 2008