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by Spencer Pollard

When using scalpels, always use matching handles and blades…

Alan Kelley’s excellent Kfir article was published in last month's issue of Model Airplane Monthly magazine.

As part of the article, Alan described in words and pictures the use of Swann-Morton scalpels and blades, but in the images of the tools in question, the handles were not manufactured by that company.

This was an honest mistake and one that we did not pick up at the time, but it does remind us of the need to use the correct handles with the correct blades wherever possible. Swann-Morton ensures that their handles and blades are manufactured to the highest standards and that they fit in place perfectly, which is something that cannot be guaranteed with other set-ups and the use of inferior handles.

We at MAI are always conscious of the need for safety especially when it comes to knives. So please, always consider using the right tools for the right jobs - after all, we would hate see modeller injure themselves through a blade coming loose, or a handle breaking, unexpectedly! 

For more information on the Swann-Morton range please visit their full website:


...or their craft knife page at: 

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