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MasterCasters New Releases




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Avro CF-105 Arrow Undercarriage Set


Jay from Mastercasters has supplied the following information about the latest releases from this resin accessory company:

New From MasterCasters

MST32002 Su-27B "Flanker" Wheels 4.50
MST32005 Me-262 wheels set.1 4.50
MST32006 Me-262 wheels set.2 4.50
MST32013 S.E.5a Radiator / Prop set 4.95
MST32015 S.E.5a Cockpit coaming / Palmer Cord Aero-tyre wheels set 7.95

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Mastered by Jay Laverty, and cast to the highest standards by Brian Fawcett (a Master Modeller with years of experience whose masters include the Accurate Armour 1:35 Scammel transporter and recently the MDC 1:32 Typhoon)

The wheels are all weighted subtly to enhance their realism, and are not to the point where they look flat.

The cockpit coaming (MST32015) for the Roden 1:32 S.E.5a has been superdetailed, with the addition of a leather effect padding around the opening of the cockpit as well as having rivet and hinge detail added and hatches scribed. The interior ribbing has been added along with some other details.



The wheels have had the interior detail visible through the inspection opening added, as well as the text "Palmer Cord Aero Tyre" added to the tyre.

The Radiator has had extensive detail added including the round mesh seen on the Wolsey Viper engined S.E.5a's and the prop has been re-worked to be an accurate representation of the Viper engined aircraft.


The 262 wheels (pictured at the top of the page) offer two options as per the Trumpeter kit, with a fat nose wheel and the small nose wheel. The main wheels have had the hydraulic cables added to the hubs and thus offer increased realism beyond the weighted effect.

Ordering can be done through the MasterCasters website http://www.mastercasters.co.uk

In North America, MasterCasters accessories are available from http://www.design-marketingintl.com/

Dealer enquiries are welcome.

Thanks to Jay Laverty from MasterCasters for the information

Images Copyright 2007 by Jay Laverty / MasterCasters
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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