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ARA-25 Cougar Corrected Nose Fairing

Teknics, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number and Description Teknics TK48087 - F9F-2/F9F-5/F9F-8 ARA-25 Cougar Corrected Nose Fairing
Price: USD$7.99 from Meteor Productions website
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: One part in grey resin.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Accurate; superb casting; simple construction
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




The AN/ARA-25 (Army/Navy Airborne Radio Auxiliary Assemblies -25) was an Ultra High Frequency (UHF) direction finding radio mounted in the F9FGrumman Cougar. It was also retro-fitted fitted to some F9F-2 and -5 Grumman Panthers as well.

The antenna for the radio was mounted underside of the aircraft’s nose in a large aerodynamic fairing fitted when the aircraft was manufactured or in the field to F9F-2 and -5s that were used in training or Naval Reserve Squadrons.

It is this aerodynamic fairing that is the subject of this new issue from Teknics.

A simple conversion/add-on, designed for use on either the Trumpeter, Revell/Monogram and the yet to be released Hobbycraft kits, it merely consists of a single piece.

Whilst it is a simple piece indeed, Teknics have done the one-to-one-scale fairing justice and faithfully reproduced the hexagonal antenna itself as well as the small inspection panel at the extreme front of the fairing and the “lip” that actually secured the fairing to the aircraft itself.

Support information is via a small page that advises you of the correct method of attaching the part to your chosen kit and as well as a brief history of the background to the AN/ARA-25 and its use.

Packaging consists of a simple clear plastic zip-loc bag to hold the part and the support information page stapled to a cardboard header.


This is a nice little upgrade set from Teknics that will enable you to model an AN/ARA-25 equipped F9F from either the Revell/Monogram or Trumpeter/Hobbycraft kits.


Thanks to Teknics for the review sample

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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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