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Wellington B.III Detail Set

Voyager, 1/48 scale



S u m m a r y

Details: Voayger VA48001 - Wellington B.III Upgrade Detail Set
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 47 parts cast in cream coloured resin; seven (big) photo-etched frets; 2 lengths of brass rod; one short piece of plastic rod; one length of string
Price: Price TBA. Voyager products are available from VLS and specialist model retailers worldwide
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Incredible detail; comprehensive coverage (cockpit, interior, bomb bay, engine, cowlings, flaps and gear bays); very high quality casting; worthwhile donor kit; major improvement over many kit parts (especially interior, cowlings and small details).
Disadvantages: Experience working with resin and photo-etch will be essential
Recommendation: Highly Recommended to very experienced modellers.

Reviewed by Brett Green

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Voyager has built a reputation for producing very comprehensive multimedia detail sets for armour kits. Recently, they have turned their hand to detailing model aircraft.

This is Voyager's first aircraft detail set in 1/48 scale, and what a remarkable debut offering they have delivered.

The enigmatic plain white box is literally brimming with resin and brass parts for Trumpeter's 1/48 scale Vickers Wellington B.Mk.III kit.

Voyager's 1/48 scale Wellington B.Mk.III Upgrade and Detail Set comprises 47 parts cast in cream coloured resin; seven photo-etched frets; 2 lengths of brass rod; one short piece of plastic rod; one length of string plus two folded instruction sheets and an additional page of helpful scrap view drawings.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


The resin parts are all beautifully detailed and perfectly cast, with recessed panel lines where appropriate to match the Trumpeter kit. They include complete replacement engine nacelles and cowl flaps, replacement interior parts for the cockpit and mid-fuselage section, radio gear and other equipment for the cockpit and structural features for the interior. This set might not come with the kitchen sink, but it does include the chemical toilet and a stretcher for those long journeys over the Reich.

The detail on the interior replacement parts are all clearly superior to their Trumpeter counterparts. The bulkheads with their partially open doors and double-sided detail will look terrific in place, while the pilot's sidewalls include a jumble of boxes and wiring.

The engine cowlings are remarkable castings, with raised cowl rings and delicate hedgehog exhausts cast in place. The rear nacelle sections are also supplied. Lovely thin cowl flaps are integrated with these parts and are detailed inside and out. They are positioned open.

All the machine guns are replaced with delicate resin items which are perfectly hollowed out at the muzzle - very impressive.



Resin parts are cast onto their blocks via very thin strips. These should only take a few minutes in total to remove and clean up. The only exceptions are parts 09, 11, 13 and 22, which are cast onto a solid resin block. Some vigorous sanding will eliminate this block and free the parts.

Photo-etched parts are contained on seven frets. Three of these are very large, which is not surprising considering they completely replace the flaps. These are exquisitely detailed, with every rib and rod present and correct. Photo-etched parts also add detail to the wheel well (and inside the wings), bomb bay, the engines (including ignition harnesses), cockpit interior (including harness straps), gun turrets and control surface actuators.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Instructions are supplied on two double sided and folded sheets. These are colour coded and, although complex, can be followed with care.

An additional page of helpful scrap view drawing is also supplied.





Trumpeter's Wellington is a basically accurate kit of a very important aircraft.

Voyager's Upgrade set will add a universe of extra detail to all the areas that really need it, especially the cockpit, fuselage interior, engine and cowls, gun turrets, flaps and bomb bay.

Take note that this set will be appropriate for experienced modellers only. The sheer number of parts alone will test patience and skill. In addition, many of the parts are very small, requiring a delicate touch and good organisational skills to get them all neatly in place. However, with care, preparation and test-fitting, the result will be a truly stunning model.

This is a truly breathtaking detail set. I look forward to seeing what Voyager has in store for us next!

Highly Recommended to experienced modellers.

Thanks to Voyager Model for the sample

Voyager accessories and conversions are available from specialist hobby outlets online & worldwide

Review Copyright 2007 by Brett T. Green
This Page Created on 27 July, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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