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VFA-211 2005-2006
Fighting Checkmates


1/48 scale


Afterburner Decals



Catalogue Number:

48-013 - F/A-18F VFA-211 2005-2006 Fighting Checkmates



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


USD$15.00 available online from Afterburner Decals

Review Type:



Comprehensive sheet covering seven US Navy Super Bugs; outstanding support material; stencil markings a'plenty.




Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

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Being primarily a modeller of aircraft of modern U.S. Naval Aviation, I was disappointed that Afterburner Decals seemed to exclusively concentrate on modern U.S. Air Force subjects. I hoped that one day they would see the light, realise that there is more to the world than F-15s and F-16s, and produce sheets to their usual high quality that would cater to my tastes.    

Well, at long last they have. Three new sheets were recently released onto the market that will see fans of modern U.S. naval aviation smiling from ear to ear. 

Amongst the new sheets is AD 48-013 VFA-211 2005-2006 – Fighting Checkmates and yes, the wait has been well worth it as the guys at Afterburner Decals have put the same diligence into this sheet as all of their others. 

As the title suggests, this sheet provides markings for the F/A-18Fs of VFA-211 between 2005 and 2006 when they were (and still are) a part of Airwing 1 aboard the USS Enterprise. 


Click the thumbnails below to view images full-sized:


The sheet provides markings five different machines as well as alternative markings for the CAG painted up in two completely different schemes.  The individual machines are: 

  • F/A-18F Bureau number 165795.  The markings depict the machine from 2006 when it was marked up as the CAG bird.  Finish is standard tactical paint scheme (TPS) of Federal Standard (FS) 36320 dark ghost grey over FS 36375 light ghost grey with a black spine, anti-glare panel and tips to her vertical stabilisers.  Befitting her status of CAG bird, she wears full colour squadron/maintenance markings and national insignia.  Black stencil style mission markings in the form of silhouette bombs and six-shooter hand guns are worn by this (and all 2006 marked birds) on the forward right hand side to the fuselage.

  • F/A-18F Bureau number 165801 from 2006.  Bearing the modex 101 indicates that this bird is “owned” by the squadron’s Commanding Officer who was Lieutenant Commander Rick Crelclelius at that time.  The aircraft is in the same TPS finish as the previous option and also bears the black trim and full colour squadron/maintenance markings and national insignia.

  • F/A-18F Bureau number 165803 modex 110, a line jet from 2006.  A “plain Jane” line bird, modex 110 is finished in standard TPS with subdued squadron and maintenance markings.

  • F/A-18F Bureau number 165806 modex 112, another “plain Jane” line bird, modex 112 is in the same standard TPS finish with subdued squadron and maintenance markings.

  • F/A-18F Bureau number 165808 modex 115, yep, you guessed it, another line bird in standard TPS and subdued markings.

  • F/A-18F Bureau number 165802 modex 107.  From 2005 this time when the squadron celebrated its 60th anniversary.  Finish is standard TPS and the jet wears commemorative 60th Fighting Checkmates anniversary scripts to the base of her vertical stabilisers.

  • F/A-18F Bureau number 165795.  Modex 100, the CAG bird again but this time in the markings she wore in 2005.  Standard TPS finish without the black trim but with full colour squadron/maintenance markings and national insignia.  Note that the squadron insignia is also a little different from the 2006 version.

The decals themselves are superb.  They re thinly printed, in perfect register and have an absolute minimum of carrier film. Two decal sheets are provided.  The larger one carries a mixture of squadron markings as well as stencil data whilst the smaller one carries the majority of the crew names as well as the black tips to the vertical stabiliser for the CAG bird and CO’s bird.  Stencil data is very comprehensive indeed and includes the slime lights – two sets.  Also included amongst the stencil data are tiny DO NOT PAINT stencils for the antennas. 

The support material is well and truly comprehensive indeed and consists of three A-4 sized sheets (glossy paper).  The first sheet acts as a “cover” and shows full colour left hand side profiles for each option on the “front” and a top and bottom plan views with a colour key to show the TPS finish on the “back”.  The other side of this sheet shows a left hand profile for the CAG bird form 2005 and a right hand side profile of modex 107. 

The second sheet shows full colour left hand side profiles for the CAG bird and CO’s bird from 2006 on the front and full colour left hand side profiles for modex 110, 112, and 115 on the back. 

The third sheet shows large left and right hand side profiles as well as upper and lower surface plan views as a guide for stencil data placement on the front whilst the rear shows a “load out” diagram detailing what stores are carried on each of the F/A-18Fs pylons. 

The recommended kit is Hasegawa. 

This is an excellent release by Afterburner Decals.  Not only does it provide complete and comprehensive markings for a range of VFA-211s birds it also comes with comprehensive back-up support material.

Thoroughly recommended.

Thanks to Afterburner Decals for the review sample.

Review Copyright © 2007 by Rodger Kelly
This Page Created on 30 July, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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