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LTV A-7E Corsair II

Atlantic Fleet Squadrons
Low-Viz Tactical Schemes

1/72, 1/48 & 1/32 scales





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Catalogue Number: ADM 72013 - LTV A-7E Corsair II
Atlantic Fleet Squadrons Low-Viz Tactical Schemes
Scale: 1/72 (also available in 1/48 and 1/32)
Price: ADM 72013 € 14.95 / € 12.57
ADM 48013 € 17.95 / € 15.09

ADM 32007 € 18.45 plus postage available online from AirDOC
Contents and Media: Three decal sheets; full colour instructions on three folded A4 sheets
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Excellent quality overall ; perfect registration; thin decal film.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

AirDOC Decals and books are available online from Meteor Productions




Somebody at AirDOC must like the A-7 Corsair II.  So much so that they have seen fit to release a series of four decal sheets covering them. 

The first three sheets provides markings for the A-7 in U.S Navy service from the glorious full-colour markings of the late sixties and early seventies to the lo-viz era of drab but still interesting colour schemes and markings of the early ‘80s through the early ‘90s.  The fourth sheet in the series covers the A-7 in U.S.A.F service.

You might be forgiven for expecting that the first of the sheets would be the one covering the sadly missed gull grey and white era of full colour markings but this sheet is full of lo-viz birds of the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic Fleet. 

Markings are provided for six different A-7Es, all in the lo-viz FS36320 Dark Compass Grey over FS36375 Light Compass Grey camouflage finish that was applied to the A-7 from the early ‘80s and worn until the machine’s retirement in the early ‘90s.  Details of the individual birds as follows: 

  • Bureau number 158835, modex 414 of the now disestablished VA-12 ‘Clinchers’.  The markings depict her as she appeared aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower during the Lebanon hostage crisis in November of 1983.

  • Bureau number 157485, modex 312 of VA-37 ‘Bulls’ embarked aboard the USS Forrestal but depicted as it appeared at Naval Air Station Cecil Field Jacksonville, Florida in the United States in 1985.

  • Bureau number 157541, modex 301, the squadron’s Commanding Officer’s machine of the now disestablished VA-66 ‘Waldomen’.  The markings depict her from the same period and mission as the first option.

  • Bureau number 157566, modex 414 of VA-87 ‘Golden Warriors’ aboard the USS Independence during the Grenada operations in October of 1983.

  • Bureau number 160869, modex 403 assigned to VA-105 ‘Gunslingers’.  The markings depict her as she appeared at Naval Air Station Fallon at Fallon, Nevada in the United States – the aircraft carrier in the desert - in November 1985

  • Bureau number 159285, modex 405 of the now disestablished VA-72 ‘Blue Hawks’ embarked aboard the USS John F. Kennedy during operation Desert Storm in January 1991, the A-7’s operational swansong.

Support material is quite comprehensive.  It consists of two A-4 sized sheets printed on good quality glossy paper that show full colour, clear and well drawn side profiles of each option as well as a generic upper and lower plan view.  Also included is a list of suggested kits, references (including their own LTV A-7 Corsair II Part 1 - The SLUF (Short Little Ugly Fellow) in US Navy Service –reviewed here on Hyperscale at: http://www.hyperscale.com/reviews/books/airdocpostwar12reviewrk_1.htm and after market accessories available to enhance your scale A-7. 



The decals themselves have been printed by the well known European company Cartograf.  Everything on my sample sheet was in register and the greys used look to be a faithful reproduction.  Two sets of reasonably comprehensive stencil data, national markings and walkways are provided as well. 

Packaging is via the ubiquitous clear plastic zip-loc bag. 

A well produced decal sheet indeed! 

The sheet is also available in 1/48 scale as ADM 48013. 


Thanks to AirDOC for the review sample

Review Copyright © 2007 by Rodger Kelly
Page Created 28 October, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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