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Ju 87 D/G Stuka Attack!
Parts One and Two



Cutting Edge Decals, 1/32 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Scale and Price:

CED32082 - Ju 87 D/G Stuka Attack! Part 1 USD$14.99
CED32083 - Ju 87 D/G Stuka Attack! Part 2 USD$14.99
available online from Meteor Productions

Contents and Media: Full colour folded letter sized instructions plus historical notes and decals. CED32082 includes Black Magic masks for the chevron marking
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Nice selection of interesting and varied markings; clear instructions; excellent printing; thin decals with minimal carrier film; perfect registration.
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Cutting Edge's latest batch of decals have been designed for the excellent 1/32 scale Hasegawa Junkers Ju 87 D/G Stuka kits. Despite the large variety of markings seen on these late-war Stukas, there have been relatively few new decal releases. These two new sheets help redress that shortcoming.

This set comes with full-colour, double-sided letter sized placement instructions. The markings have been carefully researched, and include high quality illustrations

The specific schemes covered are as follows:

CED32082 - Ju 87 D/G Stuka Attack! Part 1

An image of the instruction sheet may be seen at the top of the page.

  • Ju 87 D-1, J9+CK, with temporary overpainted white winter scheme, 7./St.G 1, 1941-42. Alternate versions of the nose emblem are supplied for this option.

  • Ju 87 D-8, H5+Red F, NSGr.10, Frth, 1945. This is probably my favourite of all five marking options. The aircraft carries the yellow nose, lower wing chevron and ruffer of the late-war Southern Theatre. It also features exhaust flame dampers and spatless undercarriage legs. Spatless legs from J. Rutman Productions were reviewed here on HyperScale a few weeks ago.

  • Ju 87 G, (Bluemel) S7+BU, 10.(Pz)/S.G.3. If you are growing tired of tank busters finished exclusively in Rudel's markings, this will be a breath of fresh air. The yellow individual letter adds a splash of colour, and the black spiral on the white spinner is also of interest. The spinner spiral is included as a decal.

CED32083 - Ju 87 D/G Stuka Attack! Part 2




  • Ju 87 D-1 T6+A Red N, "Brli," II./St.G 2, Russia, Spring 1942; finished in RLM 70/71/65 eith yellow wing tips, fuselage band, spinner cap and an interesting wedge at the back of the wheel covers.

  • Ju 87D-1 T6+Red D K, II./St.G 2, Russia, March 1942 in temporary white winter finish.

The decals are perfectly printed, thin, in register and with a minimum of carrier film.

Cutting Edge's new 1/32 scale Junkers Ju 87 D/G markings will provide some welcome variety for the finish of this excellent model.

Both Recommended.

Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the preview information and image

Cutting Edge Modelworks products, including Cutting Edge and Yellowhammer Decals, may be purchased online from Meteor Productions website

Review Copyright 2007 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 27 June, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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