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P-47 Thunderbolt

Cutting Edge Decals, 1/32 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Scale and Price:

CED32086 - P-47 Thunderbolt USD$18.99
available online from Meteor Productions

Contents and Media: Full colour folded letter sized instructions plus historical notes and decals
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Nice selection of interesting and varied markings; designed for use on the new Hasegawa kite; excellent instructions with detailed research; excellent printing; thin decals with minimal carrier film; perfect registration.
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Cutting Edge Modelworks has succumbed to the siren’s call of the Hasegawa and Trumpeter P-47 “bubble top” Thunderbolts and released two new decal sheets to provide alternative markings to what is found in the kits’ boxes. 

The subject of this review is CED32086 which provides markings for two famous and well known machines, the details of which are: 

  • 42-26641 the P47D-25-RE “Hairless Joe” (the name of the nose art figure) flown by Colonel David Schilling, the Commander of the 56th Fighter Group, the Wolfpack.   The provided markings enable you to depict this machine from two different stages of its existence, an “early version” from late August 1944 and a “midlife version” typical of the late summer and early fall of 1944.  There is much controversy as to just what shade of green and grey this machine was painted and indeed, there is just as much debate as to whether it was US Army or RAF paint that was used to camouflage this machine.  The accompanying comprehensive information sheet provided by Cutting Edge Modelworks advises you of the arguments for and against each conjecture as well as all of the minute differences between the “early” and “midlife” versions of this historic aircraft.

  • P47-D-28-RA 42-28878 Eileen flown by Lieutenant Frank Oiler of the 84th Fighter Squadron, 78th Fighter Group in 1944.  Another well known but debated machine and the information sheet will guide you with this one too.

Cutting Edge Modelworks provide you with three separate decal sheets to replicate these machines in 1/32 scale.  The first sheet carries their individual markings, the second the national insignia and the third a complete set of stencil data. 

The decals themselves are beautifully printed.  They are in perfect register, thin and have an absolute minimum of decal film surrounding each individual subject.  The large underwing national insignia worn by the first option are provided in fragmented form to allow you to apply them around the underwing pylons and the ailerons.   The fuselage insignia too are provided as fragmented decals so as you can apply them to the open oil cooler doors. 

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Decal placement is guided by an A-4 sized sheet that carries full colour side and plan view illustrations with further line drawings that shows the stencil data placement keyed by number. 

A colour cross reference to readily available model paints is also provided as is a comprehensive bibliography.  There is even a paragraph on how to apply the decals! 

The decals, placement guides and information sheet come packed in a clear plastic zip-loc bag. 

This is an excellent product from Cutting Edge Modelworks.  It provides you with top quality decals and comprehensive, well researched supporting information. 


Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the preview information and image

Cutting Edge Modelworks products, including Cutting Edge and Yellowhammer Decals, may be purchased online from Meteor Productions website

Review Copyright © 2007 by Rodger Kelly
This Page Created on 01 October, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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