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Fightertown Decals



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Brian from Fightertown Decals has supplied some information and images about their four latest decal releases:

FTD 48003 VF-143 ‘Last Ride’ was the last cruise of the F-14B, Phoenix missile and Tarps pod. Something wicked about blue on a Tomcat. And if you know the “DOG’s”, you know it’s just a Dog thang. This sheet covers the CAG 100 jet, XO's 102 jet and line jet 111.

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FTD 48004 LIMITED EDITION VX-9 det Mugu had some of the most overlooked, but cool paint jobs…well, maybe overlooked with the exception of the famous gloss black F-14D known as VANDY 1. This sheet is a follow on to the much sought after and out of production VFDecals sheet. Only we’ve made a few improvements to more accurately portray the jets; improved fonts for names, corrected size and shape of a few markings, re-drawn tail stripes and details and added a whole new jet! Get these fast since we did a limited print run. Everybody that didn’t get the VF sheet and goes hunting on ebay - here’s your second chance.

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FTD 48005 VFA-103 Jolly Rogers first Superhornet cruise was a combat cruise and the Bones did roll. With new dark gray tails, mission markers and options for almost the whole squadron this is sure to go fast. Thanks to Mike’s amazing ability to pack a sheet, this is really an 8x10 sheet squeezed down. (We were also able to squeeze down the price from what the full 8x10 was going to be) You may need an x-acto to cut some of them out…

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FTD 48006 VF-84 Desert Storm. Because one sheet of Jolly Rogers isn’t enough, we went back to some of the most famous and short lived markings – the ‘Flag’ jet and a black and white CAG jet. You know you stocked up on Squadron’s Hasegawa’s F-14A sale just for this…

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Order through Fightertown Decals' website: WWW.FIGHTERTOWNDECALS.COM

Or directly through paypal to:

Thanks to Fightertown Decals for the images and information

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