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VFA 21 Black Lions
F/A-18F CAG Bird

Jasmine Model, 1/72 Scale


Catalogue Number:

172004 - VFA 21 Black Lions F/A-18F CAG Bird



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


USD$8.00 available from Jasmine Model website

Review Type:



Comprehensive coverage of the subject


Small placement diagrams means additional reference will be required.



Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

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More new decals from the Shanghai, China based producer, this time in 1/72 scale.

Sheet number 172004 provides markings for a single F/A-18F Hornet, but not just any old Hornet. The decals allow you to replicate Bureau number 166663 modex 200, the CAG bird of VFA-213, the Black Lions in 1/72 scale.

The machine is finished in the standard tactical paint scheme finish of FS36320 dark ghost grey over FS36375 light ghost grey borne by the F/A-18F. Being a CAG bird though she bears large areas of colour, in this case blue (Jasmine Model quotes FS15180) vertical stabilisers and spine to distinguish her from her squadron sisters. The same shade of blue is also used for a “sash” around the nose. Full colour national markings and safety stencil markings are also worn rather than the subdued lo-viz ones worn by VFA-213’s line birds.

Her “sash” marking is supplied as multi -part decals to avoid register problems. It is interesting to note that VFA-213 still uses the same twin-tailed lion squadron marking, a hang over from her F-14 Tomcat days. The tiny yellow star markings for the rudder are supplied as individual decals and will be fun to apply to say the least! You also get a large squadron “zap” on the sheet which will be great to add to a display base.

Stencil data is confined to the larger more visible items and include a complete set of slime lights, intake warnings, turbine stripes, and ejection seat warning triangles. Jasmine Model have also seen fit to supply the walkway marking for the port side chine and the vinyl blankets between the vertical stabilisers as decals – great stuff in 1/72 scale as it will save you a tedious masking job. Similarly, they have supplied the various perforated “grill” areas of the airframe as decals too as well as the chaff dispensers on the underside of the intakes. A complete set of instrument panel and side console decals are also included as are two seats of ejection seat harnesses. Though not stated on the placement guide, they are sized to fit the Hasegawa kit.

The decals themselves are silk screen printed and glossy. The appropriate colours look to have been printed on top of a white background. This makes them a little on the thick side but will ensure that they will be opaque when applied over the blue background of the spine and vertical stabilisers. Everything on my sample sheet is in perfect register.

To be truthful, I’m not all that impressed with the decal placement guide. It is small at 7¼” x 10¼” with full colour left and right hand side profiles and upper and lower plan views. Whilst it is visually pleasing as artwork it falls far short as a placement guide. Similarly, it is impossible to make out the camouflage demarcation as the illustration is more an artistic rendition rather than an information illustration.

Packaging is via a thin cellophane bag with a gummed strip to seal it. Not good at all as it is neigh on impossible to re insert the decal sheet, the waxed paper protective sheet and the cardboard backing/header card back into it without the gummed strip fouling it all!

The gripes aside, this is an affordable decals sheet and will no doubt turn your latest 1/72 scale Hasegawa Super Bug into a stunning rendition of the one-to-one-scale Black Lions CAG bird.

The same recommendation applies to all of the Jasmine Model sheets I have so far seen - recommended to those who have alternative references in their library so as to overcome the inadequate placement guide.

Thanks to Jasmine Model for the review sample.

Review Copyright © 2007 by Rodger Kelly
This Page Created on 21 September, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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