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VF-31 Final Days CAG Bird
Final Days Show Bird


Jasmine Model, 1/72 Scale


Catalogue Number:

72-001 and 72-002



Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


USD$8.00 available via email from Jasmine Model

Review Type:



Excellent comprehensive coverage of the subjects


None noted



Reviewed by Ken Bowes

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A new manufacturer that has emerged from Shanghai, Jasmine Model has made a pretty solid debut with these two new sheets covering the final days of VF-31 as an F-14D operator. The sheets cover two aircraft; BuNo 164342 which was VF-31’s CAG aircraft and BuNo 164603 which was its colour show aircraft. Both are very attractive schemes with the CAG aircraft (100) featuring high gloss black fins and trim, whilst the show aircraft (101) features a neat retro scheme reminiscent of that carried by its F-4 Phantoms in the 1960s and 70s.

Close examination of photos of both these aircraft on websites such as Airliners.Net and VFA-31’s official US Navy website shows that Jasmine Model has done its homework. By searching the BuNos and the word “Tomcat” on Airliners.Net I was able to find 67 photos of Felix 100 and 43 of Felix 101 taken at a variety of locations including NAS Oceana during their final air show appearance in September 2006. The range of photos include great close ups of key parts of the airframe, which confirm Jasmine Models attention to detail. A close study of each decal sheet is needed though to pick out all the fine badges and zaps applied to the airframes in their final service days.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


The decals each consist of one sheet, being slightly smaller than A5 in size. The instruction sheet is a single sided colour sheet with colour callouts for Federal Standard, Humbrol and Gunze and a four view of the subject. However no reference numbers for the individual decals or links to the sheets is provided, making the above cited references essential. Another drawback to this approach is that it is up to the modeler to determine the correct order to layer the multiple decals that make up the more complex designs. This alone makes this sheet less attractive for beginners and a slight challenge to more advanced modellers.

It is not clear who printed these sheets but the quality looks extremely good with registration spot on. I have not however tested these sheets for thinness, opacity or adherence and it remains to be seen if they are as good to use as they look in the package.

At this time I cannot find a supplier for these decals so the best source for someone seeking them out is an email direct to jasminemodel2007@yahoo.com .


Thanks to Jasmine Model for the review sample.

Review Copyright © 2007 by Ken Bowes
This Page Created on 25 April, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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