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Cpt.Av. (R) Constantin Bazu Cantacuzino's
Messerschmitt Bf 109 Gs



RB Productions, 1/48 scale


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: RB-D4801 - Cpt.Av. (R) Constantin Bazu Cantacuzino's Messerschmitt Bf 109 Gs
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 1 x decal sheet; 1 x full colour double-sided A-4 instruction sheet
Price: 5.65 for 1/72 scale
6.95 for 1/48 scale
8.50 for 1/32 scale
available online from Model Design Construction

also available from Fantasy Printshop website
Eagle Editions' website
and RB Productions online shop
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Colourful and interesting subjects; well printed and in register; good colour instructions; high quality presentation.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.


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Reviewed by Brett Green


F i r s t   L o o k

RB Productions has expanded into the after-market decal field with their debut release, Cpt.Av. (R) Constantin Bazu Cantacuzino.

Although the subject of a single Romanian pilot may seem somewhat narrow, his five aircraft depicted on this sheet are both colorful and varied.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Subjects are as follows:

  • Bf 109 G-2, "White A", finisged in a heavy coverage of RLM 74/75 on the fuselage sides with a dense pattern of mottling in 02

  • Bf 109 G-4, "White 24", finished in standard day fighter camouflage with significant overpainting of original German markings

  • Bf 109 G-2, "White 20", in RLM 74/75 with heavy coverage on the fuselage sides.

  • Bf 109 G-6. This is the real highlight, in my opinion. This aircraft has been repainted in approximations of US markings, with a gigantic US flag on each fuselage side, German/Romanian markings painted out and early-war style US roundels painted on the upper and lower wings. This aircraft retained the 3-9 Fighter Group badge on the cowl and the late-war style Werknummer on the rudder.

  • Bf 109 G-2, "White 4", in a solid dark green on the upper surfaces and RLM 76 underneath.

The decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop. They are very thin and carrier film is close to the edge of all the markings. Registration is good and printing is crisp.

Instructions are supplied on a folded A4 full colour sheet. The history and colours of each aircraft are called out over several paragraphs.

This is an attractive decal package covering five very interesting subjects that permits the modeller to use the markings on several different models.


Thanks to Radu Brinzan for the sample


Text Copyright 2007 by Brett Green
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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