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Italian WWII Aces

Stormo Decals, 1/48 scale



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Waterslide decals for six aircraft plus profiles, instructions and notes


$11.99 from Stormo Magazine

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Excellent subject matter, excellent printing, registration and detail.


You will need the Osprey Italian Aces   book.


Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman

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There has been any number of decals for the aircraft of World War 2 Aces in the USAAF, the Luftwaffe and the RAF and air forces of the Commonwealth nations. Now the time has come for the Italian Aces of the Second World War to be recognized. 

Vincenzo “Vince” Tassone, the founder of Stormo Magazine website, is the person responsible for bringing out this first part of a two part set of decals honoring Italian fighter aces.  For those who have not come across Stormo Magazine on the internet, it is an excellent on-line reference and discussion site focusing on Italian military aviation, primarily during the Second World War. 

The inspiration for this sheet appears to be the Osprey publication “Italian Aces of World War 2”.  But, I must admit that the inspiration is also the one drawback of these decals. The marking/painting guide included with the decals only shows the left side of the aircraft.  There are no views of the right side or the top or bottom of each aircraft.  For example, for painting the Macchi 202 of Capitano Franco Lucchini, you will definitely need the photos of his aircraft that appear on page 61 of the Osprey book, unless you go here….. 



The markings are to be used in conjunction with the decals that came in the kits, which are to be used for the various subject aircraft. The decals also come with additional national markings for the correct color and style for the particular subject matter aircraft. 

The kits recommended for the aircraft are the Italeri or Classic Airframes Cr.42, Pacific Coast Models Macchi 200, The Flying Machines Fiat G.50bis AS, the Classic Airframes Reggiane RE 2001, and the Hasegawa Macchi C.202. 


Fiat Cr. 42 flown by Tenente Mario Visintini, 412a Squadriglia Autonima, Gura, Summer 1940.  The aircraft wears a scheme of Giallo Mimetico 3 with small blotches of Verde Mimetico 2 and Marrone Mimetico 3.  The underside is Grgio Mimetico. 

Macchi C.200 flown by Tenente Franco Lucchini, 90a Squadriglia, 10° Stormo, Catinia 1941.  This aircraft carries a base of Verde Mimetico (2?) with the “fried egg” pattern of Giallo Mimetico (4?) blotches with blotches of Marrone Mimetico (2?) on the Giallo blotches.  Other sources indicate that Bruno Mimetico, rather than Marrone, was used. The underside is Grgio Mimetico.  The cowl had a yellow band. 

Fiat G.50 flown by Sargente Maggiore Also Buvoli, 378a Squadriglia, 155° Gruppo Autonimao, Castle Benito 1941.  This aircraft had an interesting scheme of alternating Verde (?) and Giallo (?) Mimetico diagonal stripes.  The underside is Grgio Mimetico. It is not clear from any sources that I have as to how the stripes were applied to the right side of the aircraft or to the wing tops.  They could be in the “herringbone” pattern radiating from the centerline, or going across the aircraft from rear-left to front-right.  The cowl was yellow. 



Reggiane RE.2001 flown by Tenente Agostino Celentano, 378a Squadriglia, 155° Gruppo Autonimo, Castle Benito 1941.  This is the basic Reggiane scheme of Verde Olivo Scuro on top with Grigio Azzuro Chiaro undersides.  The spinner and nose was white. 

Macchi C.202 Series III flown by Sargente Maggiore Teresio Martinoli, CO 73a Squadriglia, 9° Gruppo, 4° Stormo, Gela, July 1942.  Although not stated, the scheme is most likely a base of Nocciola Chiaro with small “heart shaped” blotches of Verde Oliva Scuro with Grigio Azzuro Chiaro undersides.  The spinner and nose are white and the cowl bears the stylized signature of Italy’s famous WW-1 ace, Francesco Baracca on both sides. 

Macchi 202 (Early production with short radio mast.) flown by Capitano Franco Lucchiano, CO 84 Squadrglia, 9° Gruppo, 4° Stormo, Fuka September 1942.  The aircraft has a most unique scheme.  It is a field applied scheme of large Nocciola Chiaro blotches over the original base of Verde Oliva Scuro with Grigio Azzuro Chiaro undersides.  The right wing was replaced with a wing painted in the smoke ring pattern. The spinner is white and the cowl bears the stylized signature of Francesco Baracca on both sides.  





This is an excellent collection of markings, in spite of the limitations of the marking/painting guide.  Both a modeler new to Italian aircraft modeling and a Regia Aeronautical Esperto should find this set of decals the basis for a modeling project.

Thanks to Vince Tassone for the review sample.

Retailers may obtain Stormo decals from Douglas Model Distributors.

Review Copyright © 2007 by Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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