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Italian Air Force 53ş Stormo “G. Chiarini” Cameri – Novara
Unit Insignia and Codes


1/48 scale


Small World Accessories



Catalogue Number:

SWAD 48001 and 72001- Italian Air Force 53rd Stormo “G. Chiarini” Cameri – Novara Unit Insignia and Codes
Small World Accessories by Mondoridotto in co-operation with "Asso Di Spade" Varese


1/48 and 1/72 scales (available separately)

Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals plus instructions and notes


1/48 scale Euro 12.50
1/72 scale Euro 9.80
both available online from Mondoridotto website

Review Type:



Comprehensive sheet covering many aircraft of 53 Stormo; complete markings including major stencils; high standard of decal printing and presentation.


Some smaller serial numbers not included for Shooting Stars



Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

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For those of you unfamiliar with name Mondoridotto and Small World Accessories, Mondoridotto are a mail order only business situated in Italy, and Small World Accessories are new range of decals and accessories commissioned by and being marketed by them. 

SWAD48001 and SWAD72001 are the initial sheets being offered by Small World Accessories in this new venture.  Both sheets offer the same content, which are markings for aircraft of the Italian Air Force. 



Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Markings are provided for: 

·         Three Lockheed T-33A Shooting Stars of the 53rd Stormo.  All three options are finished in overall silver lacquer with black and orange tip tanks and a black anti-glare panel.  The options provided are: 

·         M.M.51-17489 coded 53-27

·         M.M.51-17534 coded 53-28 (and later as 53-534)

·         M.M.51-17536 coded 53-26 

I was a tad puzzled with the above options as the placement guide notes advise you of the above, the decal sheet itself lacks the smaller serial number for MM51-17489 and it’s larger 53-27 codes.  I also could not find the numeral ‘8’ for the alternative identity of the second option.   What I did find though were decals to simulate the various intake grills found on the T-33 – a nice touch I thought.  Whilst there is a fair swag of stencil data, you are on your own though in regard to the red “no walkway” outlines to the flaps and turbine stripe around the fuselage. 

·         Three Aermacchi MB 326E of the 653th Liaison Squadron.  Each option is in a striking overall orange finish.  The individual machines are: 

·         M.M.54209 coded 53-52

·         M.M.54234 coded 53-30

·         M.M.54274 coded 53-31 

Basic stencil data is provided for one machine only.  If you are modelling in 1/48 scale, the decal sheet in latest iteration of the ancient but good Esci kit by Italeri has a pretty comprehensive set of stencil data to help you out here. 

·         Five Lockheed/Aeritalia F-104G/S of the 21st “Tiger” Squadron.  All options are finished in grey and green disruptive camouflage upper surfaces over light grey undersides.  The individual options are: 

·       M.M. 6764 coded 53-07

·       M.M. 6723 coded 53-05

·       M.M. 6772 coded 53-20

·       M.M. 6822 coded 53-12

·       M.M. 6815 coded 53-11 

Some nice markings amongst this lot too whilst each wears the leaping tiger squadron markings on the intakes, M.M. 6772 wears  yellow and black tiger stripes on its rudder and M.M. 6815 wears a lo-viz black only version of the same marking.  There is also a yellow and black tiger tail for the forward fuselage of M.M. 8723.  There is a fair bit of stencil data provided on the sheet for this option.  If you want to build a non-natural metal F-104 you have some nice options here. 

·         Two Panavia Tornados of the 1st Aircraft Maintenance Unit, both wearing the same grey and green disruptive camouflage upper surfaces over light grey undersides as the F-104s.  The individual machines are: 

·         M.M. 7003 coded 53-CMP-1, and

·         M.M. 7078 coded 53-RMV-1 

Some bright markings are provided for these two options too as well as the larger and more visible items of stencil data. 

The decals themselves have been printed by Cartograf.  If you have not used Cartograf decals before, they do work well but are a little thicker than most other aftermarket decals and require a little more patience and a heap of settling solution to get a good result.  There are three separate sheets in this pack, a normal sized one as well as two smaller ones. 

The placement guide/reference information comprises of two A-4 sized sheets with printing on both sides.  Each option gets a separate page showing full colour side profiles and plan views as well as small photographs.  To be truthful, the profiles are a little too small to be of much use and the printing is very small as well (looks like around size 6 font) for the profiles.  Thankfully the smaller items are number keyed on the drawings to the decal sheet to assist here. 

The decals and placement guide/reference information sheets come packed in a clear plastic zip-loc bag in the normal manner to which we are accustomed.

This is a great sheet that provides some tempting options, and represents an impressive entry into the decal world by Small World Accessories.


Thanks to Small World Accessories for the review sample.

Review Copyright © 2007 by Rodger Kelly
This Page Created on 24 June, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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