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Bell X-2

Golden Age Hobby Kits, 1/72 scale

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Catalogue Number: Golden Age Hobby Kits GA 72-01 - Bell X-2
Scale: 1/72 scale
Contents and Media: 28 parts in low-pressure injection moulded plastic; 1 part in clear.
Price: Price TBA. Will be available online from Hannants and other retailers worldwide
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Good decals; clear canopy; crisp surface detail; interesting and important subject
Disadvantages: Some moulding imperfections on bottom of wing
Recommendation: Highly Recommended to experienced modellers

Reviewed by Mick Evans




X-2 was an AAF/Bell project that flew three supersonic flight research aircraft powered by liquid rockets. Originally designated XS-2 the X2 was the first swept wing X rocket plane.

The aircraft exceeded Mach 3, but in course of doing so uncovered the supersonic problem of inertial coupling. On its last flight the aircraft crashed and the pilot was killed.

Providing stability and control for aircraft flying at high supersonic speeds was only one of the major difficulties facing flight researchers as they approached Mach 3. At speeds in that region they knew that they would also begin to approach a “thermal barrier”, severe heating effects caused by aerodynamic friction.

The X-2 was constructed of stainless steel and a copper-nickel alloy, and powered by a two-chamber XLR25 2,500 to 15,000lb (11 to 67 kN) thrust throttleable rocket engine.




This is the first Golden Age model kit that I have seen and I am quite impressed.

On opening the box we are presented with a very simple but nicely detailed 1/72 scale kit of the Bell X-2. There are 28 plastic styrene parts and one clear canopy parts in this kit.


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The parts of this limited run kit are attached by light sprue gates and have no flash on any of the parts. Having built many limited run kits over the years I have been impressed by the constant improvement in the detail and moulding that these manufactures are applying to the mouldings. The detail in this kit is nothing short of superb. Every panel line is crisply replicated and every piece of surface detail is present. The only problem that I could see was there are some surface moulding faults on the underside of the left hand wing, but these should be easy to remove with a sharp hobby knife.

Adequate cockpit detail is provided for what will be visible through the canopy. There is a cockpit floor, instrument panel, control column, and rear bulkhead provided.

The exhaust nozzle area is very detailed and looks to be very accurate to the photographs that I have seen. A good representation of the main landing skid bay is provided but some of the landing skids require some clean up and refinement.
The decals are crisp, accurate in colour and in register.

The kit is quite simple in terms of the number of parts and a trial fit of the major parts shows no real issues with fit. I think that this will make into a very nice and accurate little kit.

Highly recommended for modellers with a little experience.

Thanks to Golden Age Models for the review sample.

Golden Age Model kits, in addition to other Olimp kits are
available online from Hannants' website and other specialist retailers worldwide

Text Copyright © 2007 by Mick Evans
Images Copyright © 2007 by Brett Green
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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