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F-86F-30 Sabre

Kinetic Model Kits, 1/32 scale


S u m m a r y

Item No. Kinetic Model Kits #K3201 F-86F-30 Sabre
Contents and Media: 164 pieces in grey injection moulded plastic, 12 pieces of clear styrene; markings for two aircraft including full set of stencils; solid steel nose weight; 10 pages A4 sized instructions
Scale 1/48
Price: USD$20.99 plus shipping available online from Lucky Model
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Well detailed; generally crisp surface features; plenty of ordnance options; includes engine and fuselage gun bay detail which may be displayed; separate flaps and rudder; positionable fuselage speed brakes; FOD guard; crystal clear canopy parts
Disadvantages: Some inconsistent surface detail; odd proportions of Star and Bar markings
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Kinetic Model Kits' debut 1/32 scale offering is an F-86F-30 Sabre.

The kit comprises 164 pieces in grey injection moulded plastic, 12 pieces of clear styrene; markings for two aircraft including full set of stencils; a solid steel nose weight; plus a 10 page A4 sized instruction booklet.

The plastic parts are well moulded, with no blemishes on visible surfaces.


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The plastic itself is smooth with a satin texture - a definite improvement over the slightly pebbly Kinetic 1/48 scale F-84F. Surface detail is made up of recessed panel lines and rows of fine recessed rivets, plus raised scoops and a few raised panels. Interestingly, in places (the wings especially) there also appears to be quite a nice rippled "stressed metal" effect.

Panel lines on the wings and the fuselage are wider and softer than on the smaller parts.

Rivets are very much a matter of personal taste, but these are quite subtle which should please those who like this style of detail. The subdued rivets will also make it easier for those who do not like them to apply a few coats of Surfacer to make them disappear. In some areas, however, the rivet lines are inconsistent to the point of almost being invisible on the mid fuselage.

The cockpit is fairly simple, and a set of harness straps will not go astray in this large scale. The instrument panel is a sandwich of printed acetate dials between two clear parts.

A full engine is provided, which may be displayed thanks to the split fuselage. Nose gun bay detail is also included, and the gun covers may be glued in place or left off.

The flaps and rudder are supplied as separate parts. The fuselage speed brakes are also separate and may be posed open.

Plenty of ordnance is supplied, including two styles of drop tank plus bombs. FOD covers are also included for both the intake and the exhaust - a nice touch.

Clear parts are thin, free of distortion and they positively sparkle.



Two large decal sheets supply markings for two natural metal aircraft plus stencils. The markings appear to be thin and in good register, but the shape or the position of the stars in the national markings seem to be slightly off.

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The package is rounded out with a solid steel nose weight.




Kinetic's 1/32 scale F-86F-30 Sabre is a big, impressive model.

At around USD$21.00, it represents outstanding value too.

Recessed rivets on natural metal models remain a point of contention. The surface detail on this F-86F is noticeably more restrained than Kinetic's first release, the F-84F Thunderstreak, and many modellers will be perfectly happy with Kinetic's execution of rivets and panel lines straight from the box. On the other hand, if you don't like recessed rivets, they are so fine that reducing or eliminating them will not be a big problem. The choice is yours.

Apart from this single issue of personal preference, the model is nicely detailed, with plenty of options and a good quality decal sheet.

It will certainly have a big impact (and footprint) on model competition tables!


Thanks to Lucky Model for the review sample

Kinetic Models are available online from Lucky Model

Review Copyright 2007 by Brett Green
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Last updated 24 December, 2007

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