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F-84F Thunderstreak

Kinetic Model Kits, 1/48 scale


S u m m a r y

Item No. Kinetic Model Kits #K4801 F-84F Thunderstreak
Contents and Media: 84 pieces on four sprues in light grey, injection molded plastic, and 7 pieces of crystal clear plastic on one sprue; two steel balls; decals for two aircraft including full set of stencils; 12 pages of A-4 sized instructions including
25 build drawings, parts plan, and 4 pages of plan views for paint and decals.
Scale 1/48
Price: USD$11.99 available online from Lucky Model
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Recessed surface detail, open gun bay, shape looks dead on by my references
Disadvantages: Instrument panel not up to the level of detail of the rest of the kit; very minor flash on a few parts.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Michael Knowles

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I was checking out a model train store in my town when I happened upon something I had not had a hint was released – a new release of the F-84F Thunderstreak by Kinetic Models, a new company out of China. This kit makes quite a favorable impression as their first release. One can only hope they will keep up the good
work with their announced F-16 and F-86 series! (See their website for details – www.kineticmodel.com .


The F-84F was originally intended to replace the straight-winged F-84 E Thunderjet with a swept-winged fighter bomber capable of nuclear delivery and incorporating the new “coke bottle” fuselage and more powerful engine. It was first given a whole new project number, but considering the post WWII cut backs funding was only being made available for current aircraft types. Thus, despite it being a 90% new aircraft, it was designated F-84F. Extensive teething and design changes meant that the improved F-84E, the straight-winged G model, actually saw combat first! Nonetheless, the Thunderstreak would go on to become a very effective aircraft for the US and NATO.

Kinetic's F-84F in the Box

The package is composed of a beautifully illustrated, sturdy box (which provides little beyond Chinese and the web address), 84 pieces on four sprues in light grey, injection molded plastic, and 7 pieces of crystal clear plastic on one sprue. In addition, two steel balls are provided to weight the nose of the aircraft so that it stands properly on the tricycle gear.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:


Sprues are bagged in pairs for protection from scratches and marring. Very little flash is evident, and easily cleaned up.

The decal sheet is semi-gloss and in perfect register.

Colorful markings are provided for two American aircraft -- Missouri National Guard and U.S. Airforce, both circa mid-'50s. Extensive stencils and placards are provided as well.



The instructions are clearly illustrated across eight A-4 sized pages, plus four pages of plan views. No history is provided. Colors are given in Mr. Color codes, but the color names are given as well if you use another brand. Assembly appears to be straight forward, however the placement of the landing gear doors and actuators is not as clear as it could be.

The main pieces are in a very appealing satin finish, with recessed panel lines which stand out without being "trenches." The most striking pieces are the air brakes (which include the most delicate air louvers I have ever seen in plastic) and wheel wells which include nicely rendered detail. The landing gear include molded brake lines. The pilot's seat includes molded seat belts. The cockpit walls and tub are petitely rendered with better than average details. My only complaint is the instrument panel, which is -- at best -- understated.

Clear parts are thin and free of distortion. Two steel balls are supplied as nose weight too.



The nose can be built with the gun door open exposing the four 50 caliber weapons in a two-piece insert. The canopy is designed to display either opened or closed and details one would not expect in a 1/48 release – the three piece actuators are a work of art, an instrument atop the windscreen, and rivet/panel lines inside the rear canopy beneath the main actuator!

The only ordinance provided is four under-wing fuel tanks, but a four tube RATO pack is included .

One might fairly ask how this kit compares with the Revell / Monogram release of a decade ago. All in all, it appears that this new kit has referenced the earlier one, while sharpening up everything (e.g. the gun ports and air intakes), and adding recessed panel lines and a gun bay. However, the Revell-o-gram kit gives a broader ordinance suite (bombs) and adds a weapons trolley.




All in all, with the exception of the instrument panel and more distinct seat belts, I see nothing that cries out for any after-market upgrades. I heartily recommend this kit to any modeler of 50's era aircraft.

They have announced an F-16I Sufa and others to be released in the 4th quarter of the year and early 2008. I wish them the best.

Now, off to the workbench . . . .

Purchased with reviewer's own funds

Kinetic Models are available online from Lucky Model

Review Copyright © 2007 by Michael Knowles
This Page Created on 12 August, 2007
Last updated 24 December, 2007

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