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Spitfire Mk.9 Fuselage Correction Kit


for Hasegawa




Aeroclub, 1/48 scale


S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number, Description and Price Aeroclub Models K839 - Spitfire Mk.9 Fuselage Correction Kit
for Hasegawa

Price 6.38 available online from Aeroclub's website
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 14 parts in low-pressure injection moulded plastic
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: The best and easiest way to build an accurately dimensioned 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.VIII or IX; crisp surface features; high level of detail; includes drop tank and fuselage sidewall detail.
Disadvantages: Careful cleanup and test fitting will be required.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Brett Green

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The Spitfire Mk.IX was the second most widely used variant after the Mk.V. It served with a variety of countries in most theatres during the Second World War, and remains one of the iconic fighter aircraft of all time.

Even so, we still do not have a completely accurate and buildable 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.IX. ICM's 1/48 scale kit probably comes the closest straight from the box, but it is a complex and ill-fitting model mainly due to its full (but slightly underscale) engine detail.

Hasegawa's 1/48 scale Spitfire VIII and IX family was therefore eagerly anticipated. These kits certainly lived up to Hasegawa's reputation for fine, crisp surface features and good detail. However, it is generally accepted that the rear fuselage is too short with some further compound problems due to this dimensional error. These additional problems include misplaced panel lines. but more importantly, the taper of the lower fuselage line from the cockpit to the rudder is too pronounced. The spinner is also far too long, presumably to help compensate for the short overall fuselage length.

Bruce Archer conducted a detailed comparison between Spitfire Mk.IX kits in 1/48 scale shortly after Hasegawa's initial Spitfire IX release in 2001. His conclusion was that there was no easy fix to the Hasegawa fuselage dimensional problems.

And so the modelling community noisily divided into two camps. Some modellers accepted that the Hasegawa Spitfire IX still looked okay, was nicely detailed and was easy to build; while others thought that the error was noticeable and rendered the kit unacceptable. Many modellers acknowledged the problem but built the kit anyway.

There was never any "right" or "wrong" to these different positions, but for those modellers who are concerned by these discrepancies, Aeroclub has a solution.



Aeroclub's 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.9 fuselage correction set comprises 14 parts in low-pressure injection moulded plastic. This set will be equally applicable to the Mk.IX or Mk.VIII Spitfire.

Plastic parts cover the fuselage halves, alternate lower cowls (with either the early short or later long supercharger intake), tail wheel doors for the Mk.VIII and blanking insert for the MkIX tailwheel, plus a fuselage mounted cigar-shaped drop tank.



The fuselage interior features cockpit sidewall detail.

A spinner is not included with this set but may be purchased from Aeroclub separately.

The plastic is quite smooth and crisply detailed with recessed panel lines. There are no moulding imperfections on my sample, but there is some flash surrounding smaller parts. Sprue attachment points are quite stout. I recommend cutting the main parts off with a razor saw before cleaning up with a hobby knife and sanding sticks to avoid damaging the plastic.

Being a limited run conversion, it will be essential to carefully clean up the parts and thoroughly test fir prior to committing to glue. Even so, this simple correction set should be well within the capabilities of even a moderately experienced modeller.

There are no instructions with my sample but this should not be a problem as all the parts correspond with their equivalents in the Hasegawa kit.





Aeroclub's 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.VIII / IX conversion is a comprehensive, accurate and relatively straightforward.

This certainly looks to be the best and easiest way to own a dimensionally correct Spitfire Mk.VIII or IX in 1/48 scale.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Aeroclub Models for the review sample

Text and Images Copyright 2008 by Brett Green
Page Created 04 January, 2008
Last updated 04 January, 2008

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