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Reggiane Re.2000 GA

Italeri, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number:

Italeri No. 1272 Reggiane Re.2000 GA



Contents and Media:

50 light grey plastic parts on two sprues, 3 clear parts on one sprue, decals for six aircraft plus a 5 page fold-out instruction sheet with history, parts plan, 10 build diagrams and 3 pages of paint/decal instructions.


USD$20.25 available online for Squadron
From £8.26 available online from Hannants

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A brand new moulding by Italeri, this is up to the standard of their Cr. 42 which many consider the finest kit ever by Italeri in this scale. Optional dropped flaps, late and early canopy and open or closed canopy.


Awful photo instructions. Not as bad as some I've seen but still not good.


When Italeri do it well, they do it very well.


Reviewed by Glen Porter

Italeri's Italeri's 1/72 Re.2000 GA is available online from Squadron




I am led to believe that the design of the Reggiane Re.2000  owed much to the US Seversky P-35 and it certainly looked very similar. It apparently out-performed the American aircraft but was not accepted by Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force). However, it was successfully sold to both the Hungarians and the Swedes and an order for 300 was placed by the RAF but this order was canceled when Italy entered the war. The airframe was later adapted to license built German V-12s producing the Re.2001 and Re.2005 which were much more successful.


The Model

One of the best 1/72nd scale kits from Italeri is their resent CR.42, released in several versions about twelve to eighteen months ago. With gorgeous detail, good shape and Italeri's very clean moulding, it had to be a winner, even though some modellers thought the fabric effect a bit over done.

Here then is a follow-up, the Reggiane Re.2000. Similar clean moulding, a small amount of flash around the wings but not of concern, lots of detail inside and out, the seat even has a cushion and belts moulded on and it really looks like an Re.2000.


  • Italeri 1/72 scale Re.2000 GA Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Italeri 1/72 scale Re.2000 GA Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Italeri 1/72 scale Re.2000 GA Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Italeri 1/72 scale Re.2000 GA Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Italeri 1/72 scale Re.2000 GA Review by Glen Porter: Image
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But there's more. Optional dropped flaps with interior detail, flattened wheels with separate exterior hubs, late and early canopies (Series I and III) both of which can be modelled open. These are features I haven't seen from Italeri before but will be very welcome by all modellers.

So, what do we get for our dollars and cents? Well, sprue “A” has the two fuselage halves with refined engraved detail on the outside and considerable raised detail on the cockpit side-walls, a two piece engine, cowling halves and ring, floor, rear bulkhead ,  instrument panel and joystick for the cockpit, prop and spinner, tail-wheel insert and other small bits. “B” has the three piece main wing, separate landing flaps, tailplanes, under-carriage bits and nicely detailed seat. The clear sprue has a very thin and clear three piece canopy with the alternative metal hump on sprue “A”. According to the instructions the clear sliding section can be modelled open for both early and late types but we will have to wait for a build report to confirm the fit.



Decals by Zanchetti Buccinasco are as we've come to expect from Italeri with excellent register, good colour density and minimum carrier film but a little on the matt side for my liking. There are markings for six aircraft, three Italian, two Hungarian and one Swedish example. All are in the standard Italian three colour scheme with two, one Italian and one Hungarian having a flat black squiggle over the standard scheme. The three Italian aircraft have different colour cowls, one red, one black and one yellow.



The one aspect of this kit I don't like is the instructions. Dragon tried photo type instructions some time ago but to the relief of all, went back to their line drawings after a short while. Mirage from Poland have also adopted this stupid system and unfortunately are persisting with it. Now Italeri has taken it up. Please Mr Italeri, drop it before it starts to cost you sales. Just compare what you are doing now with what you produced before and I'm sure you will see the difference and remember, being different is not good, only being better is good.



Italeri is marketing this kit as a Reggiane Re.2000 GA but they don't explain the meaning of the GA. According to Wikipedia, it is the Series III version, a longer range aircraft capable of carrying drop tanks and bombs but there are no such items in the kit.





Apart from the dreadful instructions and lack of information on the aircraft type, this is another excellent kit from a major manufacturer who haven't always produced this quality in the past. I fervently hope they will continue with this line and we may see a Fiat G.50 and perhaps a Macchi MC.200 in the future.


Italeri kits  are available worldwide through hobby retailers and from Squadron.com

Review and Images Copyright © 2009 by Glen Porter
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Last updated 21 April, 2009

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