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Jaguar Squadrons

by Richard L Ward with Yves Fauconnier

Ad Hoc Publications


S u m m a r y

Title and Author Jaguar Squadrons
by Richard L Ward with Yves Fauconnier
Ad Hoc Publications
ISBN: 978-0-946958-51-1

Soft, glossy, laminated card, colour covers; A4 portrait format on 160 semi-gloss colour pages.  Includes 32 colour artworks and 445 photographs.

Price: GBP£25.00 net available online from Ad Hoc Publications
Review Type: First Read

Superb photographs, in glorious colour.  Good coverage of both 'workaday' liveries and special anniversary schemes.

Recommendation: Great photographs, well reproduced, supported by informative text.  Definitely one for the reference shelf, if Jaguars are your thing.


Reviewed by Stephen Naylor

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As you delve into the history of aviation, it is amazing how many times an aircraft design begins life as one thing and ends up being entirely another. Such is the case with the SEPECAT Jaguar.  Begun as a trainer, in a joint-venture between Britain and France in 1965, by the time it entered service with the RAF in 1974, it had morphed into the formidable low-level strike/attack and reconnaissance machine which has only recently left that service, some 33 years later.

This latest book from author Richard Ward, is heralded as the long-awaited follow-up to his 'Lightning Squadrons of the Royal Air Force', a title which I have unfortunately not had the pleasure of reading.  That not withstanding, this new book is sure to please fans of modern jets, packed as it is, with page after page of superb photographs, in glorious colour throughout.


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  • Ad Hoc Publishing Jaguar Book Revuew by Stephen Naylor: Image
  • Ad Hoc Publishing Jaguar Book Revuew by Stephen Naylor: Image
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The book begins with a forward by Wing Commander John Sullivan OBE MSc RAF, who's personal aircraft with No.6 Squadron RAF (the longest serving Jaguar unit), was the spectacular and eye-catching GR.3 'XX119', which sported the amazing 'Jaguar spots revealed' retirement livery in that final year.

After the author's preface, each Jaguar-operating air force (Royal Air Force, Armée de l'Air, Indian Air Force, Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana, Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Sultanat Oman and the Nigerian Air Force) is then covered in turn, within which, their respective squadrons are illustrated in numerical order.  Apart from a brief description of each squadron's heritage and Jaguar operating history, the rest of each chapter is crammed with fantastic colour photographs and their respective captions.  Aircraft are shown in some detail and throughout their service career.  Paint schemes naturally predominate, but there are also detail livery differences highlighted, as well as squadron badges and motifs.  Perhaps not surprisingly, special coverage is given to particular theatre markings, namely those carried by RAF Jaguars during 'Operation Granby' in Kuwait during 1990, or the French Armée de l'Air aircraft, deployed during the Kosovo conflict in 1999.  Coverage is also given to second line, training and other miscellaneous units, whilst the Indian Air Force's maritime strike Jaguar IM's add a certain exotic flavour.  As an added bonus, the top of the page at the start of each squadron's chapter, is graced with a small colour side profile of a typical squadron scheme.





Although retired from French service in 2005 and RAF service in 2007, this book can still be seen as a timely publication.  The Jaguar continues to serve both the Indian and Omani air forces with distinction and whilst this is set to continue for some time to come, we are undoubtedly witness to the end of this aircraft's long and distinguished career.

Superb photographs and informative text, all in one attractive package -  what more could an aircraft enthusiast ask for?  Combine excellent reproduction, colour throughout and all operators included, and 'Jaguar Squadrons' is packed with detail and more liveries and anniversary schemes than you can shake a stick at.  Definitely one for the reference shelf if Jaguars are your thing, especially if, like me, you had no real appreciation of its 'other life' outside these (UK) shores.

Thanks go to Ad Hoc Publications for the review copy.

Copies should be available to order from most good book outlets, but can also be ordered direct from;

Ad Hoc Publications
Wattisham Road
Suffolk IP14 2HX

Tel: 07776 134277 Email: sales@adhocpublications.com


Review Copyright 2010 by Stephen Naylor
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