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Aircraft Pictorial No. 2
SB2U Vindicator

by Dana Bell

Classic Warships Publishing

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Title and Author Aircraft Pictorial No. 2
SB2U Vindicator
by Dana Bell
Classic Warships Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9823583-2-0
Media & Contents: 72 pages in landscape format between soft covers
Price: USD$18.00 available online from Classic Warships' website and specialist retailers worldwide
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Logical layout; large and beautifully reproduced photographs; descriptive captions; useful artwork; neglected subject
Conclusion: A compact and useful reference on this important but neglected aircraft.


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Classic Warships has added a second aviation subject to their Aircraft Pictorial series with their newest title. "SB2U Vindicator".

Although the SB2U Vindicator was groundbreaking when it entered service in 1936 with its low-wing monoplane configuration, folding wings and retractable undercarriage, it was well outclassed by German and Japanese fighter aircraft by the time the United States entered the Second World War in 1941. Even so, the Vindicator saw front line service during 1942 before being replaced with more capable carrier-based bombers such as the SBD Dauntless.

Classic Warship's "SB2U Vindicator" is written by esteemed aircraft researcher Dana Bell, and presented in landscape format over 72 pages between soft covers. This title focuses on the US versions of the Vindicator.



The book commences with a brief summary of development and operations over two pages. The balance of the book is very much a photographic guide to the type. The images are beautifully reproduced and most occupy a full landscape format page. Captions are useful and relevant, pointing out details that will be of interest to modellers and armchair historians alike.

The Vindicator's service spanned the Yellow Wings era until the greys and blues of the early Pacific War. The variety of colours and markings is well covered in the selection of photos. A number of colour pages also illustrate the fascinating schemes of the 1930s, including the tail markings and bands of the Top Hats, Black Panthers, Cenatur Vampires, Bellerophon and Pegasus. Additional pages cover wing markings for these colourful pre-war Vindicators, plus wartime Marine Corps camouflage and markings.



Several full-page, full colour photos are also included. The large colour plate of a faded SB2U at Quantico in Autumn 1941 is almost worth the price of admission alone.

The photos from about halfway into the book start to focus on the details such as the interior, ordnance and structural detail. Six pages of plans based on Vought's General Arrangement drawings round out this publication.





Classic Warship's "SB2U Vindicator" is an ideal guide to this important aircraft. Its large images, clear text, attractive artwork and plans will offer ample inspiration to modellers building Accurate Miniatures' SB2U kit in 1/48 scale or the Special Hobby offering in 1/72.

Thanks to Classic Warship Publishing for the review sample

Review Copyright 2010 by Brett Green
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Last updated 31 March, 2010

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