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Marauding Esquire Girls

Bombshell Decals, 1/72


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: Bombshell Decals 72-BS-0007 - Marauding Esquire Girls,
2 X B-26Cs - Ann & Miss Des Moines
Scale: 1/72 scales
Contents and Media: 140mm X 220mm decal sheet with four page A4 sized colour instructions all in a zip-lock bag.

USD$16.00 available online from Bombshell Decals' website

Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Two alternative schemes for the excellent Hasagawa 1/72 scale Marauder. They are printed by Cartograph in Italy so the quality is top notch.
Disadvantages: There is no colour recommendations for the plan view (see text).
Recommendation: If you have the Hasagawa Marauder B-26C in 1/72nd scale and are not happy with the decal choices, here are two more, one in bare metal the other in OD/NG including stencils.

Reviewed by
Glen Porter

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Bombshell Decals? Never heard of them, have no idea where they come from or who they are. But! There research looks good and they are printed by Cartograph in Italy so there is no question of quality.

The B-26 Marauder? Anyone that's been in the hobby for any length of time will know a bit about this aircraft. A troubled infancy, very fast with handling problems, gained a reputation as a “Widow Maker” but by the end of the war was considered one of the best medium bombers operated by the Allies.


The Decals

Bombshell Decals recommend the Hasagawa 1/72nd scale B-26C and it is the most detailed and accurate Marauder on the market.

There are markings for two aircraft on Bombshell's sheet but they do include a full set of stencils. In the text they tell you that both were severely weathered by the end of the conflict and they supply alternative faded national markings. What they don't tell you is how the paint fared under those conditions. I guess extra references will be require or just do it factory fresh.



Another thing I'd like to see in this set is colour recommendations for the plan view so we know if the camouflaged aircraft carried Medium Green blotching on the leading and trailing edges of the wings and tailplane. It's shown on the fin/rudder only.



The two aircraft are B-26c-45-MO, 42-107541 Ann, Piloted by 2nd Lt. Leland C. Sherman of the 444th BS, 320th BG. It's in OD/NG with a very prominent Shark Mouth on the nose, score board below the port cockpit, nose art and the name Ann above the starboard shark mouth. The other is B-26C-45-MO, 42-107854 Miss Des Moines, Piloted by Lt. Forrest D. Harte of the 442nd BS, 320th BG. This ones in overall bare metal with  a dark green anti-glare panel and red engine cowling fronts. There's the usual half naked lady, the name “Miss Des Moines” and a score board below the wind screen on the port side. 





There seem to be new decal manufacturers popping out of the woodwork every where these days but do you hear me complaining? No Way. Not when they are giving us the quality that these people are and we are truly spoilt for choice.

Thanks to Bombshell Decals for the samples

Review Copyright 2010 by Glen Porter
Page Created 10 August, 2010
Last updated 10 August, 2010

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