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Brits Abroad Pt. III

Freightdog Models, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Freightdog Models FSD72009 - Brits Abroad Pt. III
Scale: 1/72
Contents and Media: Two decal sheets; instructions
Price: GBP9.00 available online from Freightdog Models website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Interesting subjects; excellent printing and registration; high quality instructions; extensive options
Conclusion: An essential product for modellers of British Cold War era aircraft

Reviewed by Andrew Steinbeck

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Freightdog Models continues to produce high quality post-War decals for RAF subjects, as seen with this sheet for a variety of RAF aircraft serving overseas in the 1950’s.  The markings on this sheet depict an Avro Lancaster, a Bristol Brigand, two De Havilland Mosquitoes, two Hawker Hunters and a Gloster Meteor. 



Kits of the nearly all of the aircraft are readily available in 1/72 scale, but most will require some conversion to accurately render the particular aircraft chosen.  Indeed, the instructions allude to forthcoming conversion sets from Freightdog for the Lancaster and Mosquitoes; consider this reviewer’s interest piqued.  Conversions aside, this release marks the first time many of the markings will have been available for the modeller, like nearly all of the Frieghtdog decal range.



The decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop, are in perfect register and feature separate roundel centres, unit badges and code outlines where appropriate.  The carrier film is ultra thin and my experience with these decals is that they will snuggle down into the surface detail well.  The carrier film then totally disappears under a coat of clear.  The instruction sheet is printed in colour and gives required colours (with cross-reference) and clear indication for decal placement.



The seven schemes provided in this sheet are as follows:

  1. Bristol Brigand B Mk.1 RH829 OB-M, 45 Sqn Malaya, Dec 1950. Camouflage scheme is Medium Sea Grey upper surfaces over Night undersides, with red spinners.

  2. Hawker Hunter F Mk.4 XF368 C, 3 Sqn, Jever, Germany, 1957. Disruptive camouflage of Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey upper surfaces with PRU Blue underside.

  3. Gloster Meteor T Mk.7 WH206 V, 8 Sqn, RAF Khormaksar, Aden, 1958. Overall High Speed Silver finish.

  4. De Havilland Mosquito PR.34A RG314 DH-S, RAF Seletar, Dec 1955. Overall High Speed Silver finish with red spinners and black anti-glare panel.

  5. Hawker Hunter F Mk.4 WW663 H, 14 Sqn, Alhorn, Germany, Mar 1957. Disruptive camouflage of Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey upper surfaces with High Speed Silver underside.

  6. Avro Lancaster PR Mk.1 PA474 M, 82 Squadron, Eastleigh, Kenya, 1952. Overall High Speed Silver finish with red spinners and black anti-glare panel.

  7. De Havilland Mosquito NF.36 RL236 A, 39 Sqn, Fayid, Egypt, 1953. Nightfighter scheme of overall Medium Sea Grey with Dark Green disruptive applied to the upper surfaces. Trainer Yellow spinners.


Thanks to Freightdog Models for the review sample

Freightdog Models kits and decals are available online from their website at http://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk 

Text and Images Copyright 2010 by Andrew Steinbeck
Page Created 11 January, 2010
Last updated 12 January, 2010

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