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Tora Tora Tora!
Mitsubishi A6M2b, Type 21 Zero
with Flight Deck Set

Sweet, 1/144 scale

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Sweet Kit No. 14110 - Type 21 Zero with Flight Deck set.



Contents & Media

26 light grey-green parts on one sprue, 12 light grey plastic parts on two sprues (flight deck set), one injection moulded clear canopy, decals for 6 aircraft and the flight deck plus a 2 page fold-out instruction booklet with 4 build diagrams on the out-side and paint/decal instructions within.



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First Look


Sweet kits usually come with two models per kit. This one has the flight deck instead of the second model. Excellent detail, moulding and decals with the flight deck, complete with lift as a bonus.


Instructions in Japanese only and no colour recommendations.


Another terrific 1/144 scale kit from Sweet


Reviewed by Glen Porter

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Sweet Aviation Model Division is a Japanese manufacturer that has been around for a couple of years now and specialize in 1/144th scale aircraft which, along with some others, have given the scale a new lease on life. Their products are well thought-out with very good moulding, detail and decals and even a “fun” element in their marketing.





I have to be very careful here, as a dedicated 1/72 scale modeller, I could become addicted to these Sweet kits, Sweet being the operative word.

I am currently building the Finemolds Type 21 Zero and I have a couple of Hasagawa kits of the same aircraft. Both are accurate in shape with the only difference being the much higher level of detail in Finemolds' offering. Now you wouldn't expect to get that sort of parts count in a 1/144th scale kit but considering what was dished up in the scale before Sweet and some others came along, this kit is right on the money.


  • Sweet 1/144 scale Zero Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Sweet 1/144 scale Zero Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Sweet 1/144 scale Zero Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Sweet 1/144 scale Zero Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Sweet 1/144 scale Zero Review by Glen Porter: Image
  • Sweet 1/144 scale Zero Review by Glen Porter: Image
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There are some concessions to the scale for sure, no cockpit detail, one-piece wing and thick cowling walls but that's it.

Like the Finemolds kit, Sweet give you the folded wing-tip option, separate gear legs, doors and wheels, a nicely detailed little motor to go inside that cowling and all beautifully moulded with very fine surface engraved detail.



The twelve piece flight deck is equally well done with the lift in halves as is the surrounding deck with engraved planking and tie-down points, 4 devices to fix it all together and 4 wheel chock for the aircraft. Decals for the decking are on the decal sheet and the instructions are on the rear of the box but, like the main instructions are all in Japanese only but the pictures tell the story in both.



Ah, yes, the instructions. I assume these kits were originally intended for the Japanese home market only, hence no concessions to English speakers. As I said above, the build diagrams are clear enough for construction but there is a complete absence of colour recommendations although they may be hidden in the Japanese text. This is not a problem for me as the Finemolds kit has the same missing instructions and I've just down loaded a heap of suggestions from the internet.

Now this info is second-hand so don't bite my head off if you don't agree.

Cowling and decking behind the cockpit, under the canopy should be black with a tinge of blue. For the Grey Green of the rest of the fuselage, I'm told both Sweet and Finemolds plastic colour is close. I used Tamiya J.A.Grey, XF-14, on the Finemolds kit and was pretty happy. All of the PH Zeros were Mitsubishi built so wheel wells and inside of gear doors should be the same Grey Green not metallic blue green as suggested by most kit instructions bar Sweet and Finemolds. Ha Ha. Rear face of props should be brown not black and for the cockpit colour you can use what ever you like becase you won't see much of it once the canopy is fitted.

My source for these suggestions, and that’s all they are, is David Aiken and others who I am told, know what they are talking about and surely more than me.

Decals by Cartograph in Italy are superb. Perfect register, good colour density and minimum carrier film with the option of six aircraft from all of the carriers involved in the raid and enough stencils  for two complete models. Only two minor criticisms. There are a set of canopy frame decals but the colour looks way off and there are six white stripes for the deck and lift but no indication of which goes where.



The box art on some of these Sweet kits could be a little confusing. If your not aware of the quality of Sweet kits you may think they are something like Hasagawa's Egg Planes with the art-work done in a cartoon style.





No! No! Don't buy any more. Stick to 1/72 scale. You don't kneed the aggro of an extra scale.

Oh, that's torn it, I've ordered some more. Darn it, that’s the end of the world, hello rack and ruin. Blaah!

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Text Copyright 2010 by Glen Porter
Images Copyright © 2010 by Brett Green
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Last updated 26 February, 2010

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