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The Modern Super Hornet Guide
The Boeing F-18E/F & EA-18G Exposed

by Jake Melampy

Reid Air Publications


S u m m a r y

Publication Details: The Modern Super Hornet Guide; The Boeing F-18E/F & EA-18G Exposed.
ISBN: 978-0-9795064-7-5
Media: Soft cover, 168 pages
Price: USD$39.95 from the publisher's web site.
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: In depth and detailed photographic coverage of the F-18E,F & EA-18G variants of the US Navy's Super Hornet.
Disadvantages: No coverage of the radar.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended 

Reviewed by Darren Mottram

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This latest book from Jake Melampy marks a shift over his previous volumes in that it covers a Navy subject, the Boeing F-18E/F (& EA-18G) Super Hornet. However, this doesn't mean that the usual, detailed coverage that we have come to expect from this series is any less thorough for it.

Like previous books in the series, it is laid out in a fairly logical sequence. After a brief introduction and background to the Super Hornet (a surprising 17 pages given the "newness" of the subject), the detailed, photographic coverage starts (quite logically) at the front with the radome and forward fuselage, then continues on around the airframe covering the cockpit (external then internal), fuselage, wings, wheel wells, engines etc. The Electronic Warfare version of the Super Hornet, the EA-18G Growler, is similarly covered in it's own section following the mainstream versions before coverage moves on to the pylons, external fuel tanks, sensor pods and weapons carried by the type.


  • The Modern Super Hornet Guide: Image
  • The Modern Super Hornet Guide: Image
  • The Modern Super Hornet Guide: Image
  • The Modern Super Hornet Guide: Image
  • The Modern Super Hornet Guide: Image
  • The Modern Super Hornet Guide: Image
  • The Modern Super Hornet Guide: Image
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The captions are more than just a repetition of what you can see for yourself see in the photos as well, providing interesting and informative explanations and background for what you are looking at as well as often drawing your attention to the smaller details or variations that may not be obvious at first sight.

As with Jake's previous "Exposed" volumes on the F-15, F-16, A-10 and F-4, the level of coverage and access which he has achieved is truly amazing and a lot of effort has obviously been put in behind the scenes to have enabled such a detailed and thorough coverage of just about every inch of the Super Hornet imaginable. It isn't just a couple of general overview shots per subject either. Jake has delved right into each nook and cranny and provides close up photos of many of the smallest details along with different angles of many areas which leaves the reader in no doubt as to exactly what's there. Despite the incredibly detailed coverage provided, it's not really too surprising that there have still been a few items a bit too sensitive to be shown with no photos available of the exposed radar packages. It's actually more surprising what the author has been able to include rather than what he hasn't.

It is really very hard to find any fault with this book. If there is anything, it may be that, with the recent purchase of the type by Australia, only US versions are covered (although there are two photos of RAAF airframes included). It would have been interesting in particular to see the unique airframe variations of the RAAF airframes that have been wired for-but-not-with the electronic warfare equipment of the EA-18 version. But I am obviously biased (and partly responsible) and the timing just wasn't quite right to be able to include the RAAF subjects properly, and this really is a tiny issue to find any fault with the book. The omission of photos covering the radar is, likewise, hardly unreasonable given the sensitive nature of the equipment and I have no doubt that Jake would have included it if he possibly could have.

The quality of photo reproduction is very good throughout , being printed on high quality satin paper and the book itself has an overall feel of a good, quality product. For those who enjoy having the best references available on modern front-line types, this book would have to be very high on the "must have" list.

Highly Recommended.

With thanks to Jake Melampy / Reid Air Publishing for the review sample.

Review Copyright 2011 by Darren Mottram
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Last updated 29 September, 2011

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