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Republic Aviation F-84F Thunderstreak & RF-84F Thunderflash

by Samuel Prétat

Minimonde 76 Publishing

S u m m a r y

Title and Author

Republic Aviation F-84F Thunderstreak & RF-84F Thunderflash
Author: Samuel Prétat
Publisher: Minimonde 76 Publishing

ISBN: n/a
Media: 55 pages, softbound
Price: MSRP (Euros) 19.90 Euros, plus P&P, from MINIMONDE76 PUBLISHING
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: Colorful, compact compendium quickly puts key F-84F/RF-84F details at your fingertips.
Disadvantages: Limited availability
Recommendation: Grab this special edition while you can. Only a limited number are available!


Reviewed by David L. Veres

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If you missed this special-edition gem the first time around, grab it – now.

MINIMONDE76 just unearthed a limited cache of its colorful Republic Aviation F-84F Thunderstreak & RF-84F Thunderflash. And what a vivid volume it is.

The bilingual French-English volume sports dozens of B&W and color photos, drawings, technical manual excerpts and 19 striking color profiles of Republic’s Cold War combatant. And like MINIMONDE76’s superb CANADAIR Scoopers, this terrific tome encourages sampling and savoring.

Contents cover production, Thunderflash development, service and “worldwide users”. Fascinating segues include “parasites” and Operation Musketeer – the 1956 Anglo-French attack on Egypt. That profile of a French F-84F in Israeli markings might give you whiplash!

When I was three, my Dad plopped me in the bang seat of a 112th FG F-84F during a base Open House. What an indelible experience. And I’ve loved the “World’s Fastest Tricycle” ever since.





I loved this book, too. Pondering KINETIC’s 1:48 Thunderstreak? ITALERI’s ancient offerings? MINIMONDE76 bills this cool compendium the “Perfect document for modellers and aviation buffs alike”. I couldn’t agree more.

Strongly recommended.

With thanks to MINIMONDE76 PUBLISHING for the review copy:



Review Copyright 2012 by David L. Veres
This Page Created on 19 December, 2012
Last updated 19 December, 2012

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