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Fw 190 A/F Propeller Blades, Spinners & Fans
Three Different Styles

Ultracast, 1/48 scale
S u m m a r y
Item Number, Description and Price

Ultracast Item Nos.:

48252 - Fw 190 A/F Prop & Spinner. VDM 9-12067A Metal Blades. CDN$12.95

48252 - Fw 190 A/F Prop & Spinner. VDM 9-12153A Metal Bladeswith Ext. Weights. CDN$12.95

48252 - Fw 190 A/F Prop & Spinner. VDM 9-12176A Wide Wooden Blades. CDN$12.95

Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: Each set contains six parts in cream coloured resin
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Exquisite detail - especially on the pitch collars; accurate; solid location for prop blades; beautifully cast; minimal preparation for use; prominent prop assembly will be quite obvious on the finished model.
Disadvantages: No pitch alignment for prop blades.
Conclusion: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

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F i r s t L o o k


Ultracast has just released three well detailed and accurate options for this prominent area on Hasegawa's 1/48 scale Fw 190 A/F family of kits. There are three different propeller spinner and blade sets available:

  • 48252 - Fw 190 A/F Prop & Spinner. VDM 9-12067A Metal Blades.



  • 48252 - Fw 190 A/F Prop & Spinner. VDM 9-12153A Metal Blades with Ext. Weights.



  • 48252 - Fw 190 A/F Prop & Spinner. VDM 9-12176A Wide Wooden Blades.



The propeller blades feature authentic detail on the pitch collars. The profile and the pitch collar detail is an improvement over the Hasegawa parts in all cases

The subtle curve of the spinner is also captured perfectly - much better than either the early or late version in the Hasegawa kits. The spinner cap and base plate demarcation is sharper, and Ultracast has included crisply recessed river detail too. The spinner and base plate are cast as a single part, with a nice deeply recessed locating hole for each propeller blade. There is no "key" to fix the angle of the propeller blades, so it is the modeller's responsibility to ensure that the pitch of each propeller is the same. The back of the base plate is cast with a resin propeller shaft.


Early Hasegawa spinner (left) and Ultracast replacement (right)


Ultracast replacement (left) and Late Hasegawa spinner (right)


Each of the sets includes the choice of two cooling fans - the 12 blade and later 14 blade assemblies. These are each cast perfectly in one piece. Hasegawa does not supply a 14-blade option, so this will be very useful for anyone building a late version that was fitted with this fan. Ultracast's fan blades are finer and set at a more accurate angle too.



In common with other Ultracast releases, all the parts on my samples are perfectly cast and will require only a few minutes preparation before use.





Ultracast has carved itself a niche in the areas of seats, propeller assemblies, wheels and pilot figures; and these releases reinforce all the high points of their quality products.

Great casting, minimal cleanup, exquisite detail and accuracy will make these replacement propeller assemblies as enjoyable to build as the Hasegawa kit itself.

These are first-rate accessories.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Ultracast for the review sample.

Ultracast figures and accessories are available online from their website

Review Copyright 2014 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 2 January, 2014
Last updated 2 January, 2014

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