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Japanese F-104J/DJ “Eiko”


1/48 & 1/32 scales

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Fündekals is pleased to announce our new 1/48 and 1/32 sheets covering Japanese F-104Js and DJs.  In 1/48 the decal covers every JASDF squadron that flew the “Eiko”, with the possibility to model just about any specific aircraft the modeler desires.  We have included enough extras to allow some of the wildly colorful DACT schemes from the 1970s and ‘80s to be done from the sheet, and by combining the decals provided with some fancy paint work of your own, almost any of the myriad different camouflage schemes could potentially be done as well.  Finally, markings are provided for one of the colorful UF-104J drones, carrying “intake art” and the distinctive scorpion logo on the tail.



A sheet of full Japanese style stencils - custom fitted to the gorgeous new Kinetic 1/48 F-104 kit - is also available.  This sheet provides a full ship set of stencils (and the F-104 was literally covered with them from nose to tail), plus extras of the items needed to do an F-104DJ two-seater.  It comes with several variations of hinomaru styles appropriate to the subjects on the main sheet.

In 1/32, the choices are similar, although we had to forego some of the earlier squadrons whose airplanes never wore the wild colors or camouflage.  But still the same colorful DACT aggressor markings are possible as with the 1/48 sheet.


  • fundekals -Japanese F-104J/DJ "Eiko" Decal Preview: Image
  • fundekals -Japanese F-104J/DJ "Eiko" Decal Preview: Image
  • fundekals -Japanese F-104J/DJ "Eiko" Decal Preview: Image
  • fundekals -Japanese F-104J/DJ "Eiko" Decal Preview: Image
  • fundekals -Japanese F-104J/DJ "Eiko" Decal Preview: Image
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We have also done a 1/32 version of the stencil sheet, custom fitted to the Italeri F-104G kit in that scale.  It also includes extras for the F-104DJ.

These decals will be at the printer (Cartograf) very soon, and we hope to have them by mid-autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, or mid-spring for those of you down south.

These will be available from www.fundekals.com and selected retailers!

Thanks to fundekals for the information and images.

Text and Images Copyright 2019 by Fundekals
Page Created 22 August, 2019
Last updated 22 August, 2019

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