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Potez 25
Africa and Asia

Azur-FRROM, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description and Price

Azur-FRROM Item No. FROX03 - Africa and Asia

GBP£14.99 EU Price (GBP£12.48 Export Price) plus shipping available online from Hannants

and specialist hobby retailers online and worldwide.

Contents and Media: One decal sheet; instructions
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Well-researched and documented schemes and markings, beautifully printed decals and an interesting variety of aircraft.
Disadvantages: None noted.
Conclusion: A terrific variety of alternative schemes for the three kits of the the Potez 25 offered by Special Hobby and Frrom. Such a hugely produced and widely used aircraft deserves to be treated with this quality of alternatives. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Graham Carter



This interesting sheet is designed for the Special Hobby kit SH72407 and Frrom-Azur kits FR0037 and FR0038, and offers a great set of unusual and well-researched alternatives to the decals in the kits.

The Potez 25 was a French twin-seat, single-engine sesqui-plane designed during the 1920s and sold to a large number of air forces, small and large all around the planet, and used by many until the 1940s in some cases. Some 4000 of these planes were built so the available schemes are numerous and the two sheets offer a variety of them.

The vast majority were painted French dark green overall, usually with the engine panels and sometimes over nose areas left in natural metal.

The decals are beautifully printed with excellent colour, density and register and minimal carrier film to trim. No application notes are given but I would imagine that all the usual advice would apply - gloss surface, some decal setter, warm water, soft towel etc, etc.



All aircraft are well referenced and researched with construction and modification notes given where needed. Each subject is accompanied by a reference to books, articles or websites - many of these are in French. The package comes with a 12-page black and white A5 booklet of instruction .

The subjects on sheet FROX03 are :

Ethiopia/Abyssinia 1935-6 - three aircraft

1. White ‘1’ “Nessre Tafari” in early and later versions,
2. White ‘2’ “Nessre Asfawossen”, and
3. White ‘3’ “Nessre Makonnen”

The first two use kits FR0037, the third, FR0038.

French West Africa in 1931-2

1. No. 822 White 12 - kit FR0037
2. No. 1303 white 5 - kit SH72407
3. No. 1299 white 1 - kit SH72407

Manchuria in 1931

1. White P2
2. White P15
3. White P9 - went to Japan in 1940

All use kit FR0037 and are green/ French Khaki all over.

French Indochina (aircraft used until 1945!)

All are green/ French Khaki all over.

1. No. 1981 Yellow 3, 1933 kit SH72407
2. No. 201, Yellow 9, 1933 kit FR0037
3. No. 1451, Yellow 5, 1935, kit SH72407, and
4. No. 303 , no marks 1930, kit FR0037 with metal or grey nose area.

Levant ( French controlled Syria and Lebanon)

No. 737, White 5, 1941 kit SH72407.

Nationalist Spain and Morocco

No. 2353, 1936

This is a colourful sheet with the Ethiopian one being especially attractive. Some choices require the kit roundels.


  • Azur-FRROM Item No. FROX03 - Africa and Asia Review by Graham Carter: Image
  • Azur-FRROM Item No. FROX03 - Africa and Asia Review by Graham Carter: Image
  • Azur-FRROM Item No. FROX03 - Africa and Asia Review by Graham Carter: Image
  • Azur-FRROM Item No. FROX03 - Africa and Asia Review by Graham Carter: Image
  • Azur-FRROM Item No. FROX03 - Africa and Asia Review by Graham Carter: Image
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This sheet offers an amazing variety of users and if this aircraft rocks your boat then the sheets will present you with weeks or months of modelling happiness. Paint schemes are simple (green overall with metal cowlings) and the clear instructions tell you exactly what has to be modified for each choice.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Azur FRROM for the sample.

Review Text Copyright 2021 by Graham Carter
Page Created 6 October, 2021
Last updated 7 October, 2021

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