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Fleet Phantoms
F-4B/F4H-1 Phantom II Pts. III & IV


Bullseye Model Aviation, 1/48 scale

P r e v i e w


Bullseye Model Aviation presents details of their next two 1/48 scale release covering the F-4B Phantom II.

The decals have been designed for the forthcoming Tamiya kit.

These will be exclusively available in the USA from Sprue Brothers and elsewhere internationally from The 48ers:


Fleet Phantoms III - Item No. 48-019



48-019 covers F-4Bs / F4H-1s:

  • F-4B VF-111 USS Coral Sea, 1973 WestPac cruise. COs jet. VF-111 had the first RO as a squadron commander, pilot was Bob “Hoot” Gibson, who eventually ended up an astronaut and flew several STS missions.

  • F-4B VF-32 JFK CAG jet, 1970 Med cruise

  • F4H-1 VF-102 USS Enterprise XOs jet, 1964 Med Cruise

  • F-4B VF-31 USS Saratoga CAG jet, 1966 Med cruise

  • F-4B VF-11 USS Forrestal CAG jet, 1972 Med cruise



Fleet Phantoms IV - Item No. 48-020



S48-020 covers F-4Bs / F4H-1s

  • F-4B VF-51 USS Coral Sea, 1972 WestPac cruise. Assigned jet of MiG killer Cdr. Jerry “Devil” Houston

  • F-4B VF-151 USS Midway, COs jet, 1973 WestPac cruise

  • F-4B VF-161 USS Constellation, COs jet, 1966 WestPac cruise

  • F-4B VF-14 JFK CAG jet, 1968 Med Cruise

  • F4H-1 VF-74 USS Forrestal, COs jet, 1962 Med Cruise



Available in a few weeks from Sprue Brothers in the US and The 48ers overseas.



Information and images provided by Bullseye Model Aviation

Text Copyright © 2021 by Bullseye Model Aviation
This Page Created on 16 August, 2021
Last updated 16 August, 2021

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