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Spook Joins the Fleet
F-4Bs & F-4Gs


fundekals, 1/48 scales


Fundekals has sent the latest information about this future release:

Our brand new F-4B/F-4G sheet (yes, the Navy had F-4Gs long before the Air Force!) is just about finished.

These decals are designed specifically to fit the new Tamiya Wunderkit F-4B.  We tried to concentrate on earlier F-4Bs before they sprouted all their lumps and bumps - although we do have a few of those sprinkled in as well (not shown here).  For several squadrons you'll get decals to do two or more different aircraft that are significant for various reasons - MiG killers, Antonov killers, or just because they're pretty!  

The majority of these aircraft feature full McDonnell factory stencil data, and we recommend you get our forthcoming factory stencil data sheet (still under development) to really do these birds up right.  

Flying Leathernecks has done some great 3D printed add-ons that will help with most of these birds, such as the bare fin cap without any ECM lumps, plus AERO-3B Sidewinder launchers, etc.  

Hypersonic Models has the required Martin Baker Mk.H5 seats and the early style 370-gallon wing tanks.  

We hope to get these decals to Cartograf in the next week or so, and to have them available sometime in the next couple of months.  As soon as we have more concrete information, we'll let you know of course.  Meantime, here's a sampling of what you'll see on the decal.

We hope you'll enjoy, and as always, thank you for your continued support.  Have fun! 

And be sure to check out our completely new web site at www.fundekals.net!

Thanks to fundekals for the information and images.

Text and Images Copyright 2021 by Fundekals
Page Created 10 August, 2021
Last updated 10 August, 2021

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