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T-33A Shooting Star

Hi-Decal Line, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number; Description, Scale and Price

Hi-Decal Line Item No. 72-062 - T-33A Shooting Star

Price TBA

Scale: 1/72 and also in 1/48 as 48-032
Review Type: One sheet of decals (19 x 11cm) and three glossy A4 double-sided cardboard poster/instructions.
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Well-printed and with clear instructions albeit in black and white. A variety of unusual schemes.
Disadvantages: None noted.
Conclusion: An interesting variety of decals to use on any of the available T-33 kits, and the choices will add to a nice collection of colourful jets..

Reviewed by Graham Carter

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Squadron.com



This small sheet (130x90mm) comes in a stapled sleeve and packs a lot of interesting schemes from three of the world’s smaller air forces.



Instructions are in B&W on both sides of an A4 sheet and give side views and upper/lower views of four of them, as well as a complete set of drawings for the camouflaged one. Colours are given in FS numbers and mixes for Humbrol and Modelmaster paints, and one Revell colour.



Decals are well printed, great density and register with minimal carrier film.The five aircraft are:

  • 57-0676 /2-161 of 101 Training Detachment of the Imperial Iranian A.F. at Mehrabad in 1963 in Orange over aluminium finish,

  • 2-8002 of 85 Advanced Weapons Training Squadron of the Islamic Republic of Iran A.F. at Baba’ie in 1987 in Pale Grey over Light Grey,

  • 2-8005 of the same unit as the one above in a display scheme of dark and light blues over light grey,

  • UB-531 of No 502 Air Base HQ of the Union of Burma A.F. at Mangaloon AB, Rangoon, in 1971 in overall aluminium with dayglo nose and tail and red tanks, and

  • 703 of the Cuban Fuerza Aerea Revoluciania in 1961 which operated during the Bay of Pigs mission and was credited with shooting down two B-26 Invaders. This one is camouflaged in dark and light greens over pale blue.




An interesting variety of decals to use on any of the available T-33 kits, whether that be the older Hasegawa and Italeri ones os the latest Platz renditions.

Thanks to Hi-Decal Line for the review sample

Review Text and Images Copyright 2021 by Graham Carter
Page Created 19 August, 2021
Last Updated 19 August, 2021

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