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D.H. 98 NF Mk.XIX J30 Mosquito

Moose Republic Decals, 1/72 scale

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Catalogue Number:

Moose Republic Decals Item No. 72012 - D.H. 98 NF Mk.XIX J30 Mosquito


1/72 (also available in 1/48)

Contents & Media

Screen printed decal sheet; detailed instructions and reference booklet.


145.00 kr plus shipping available online from Moose Republic Decals

GBP £12.20 EU Price €14.28 (GBP £10.17 Export Price) plus shipping available from Hannants

Review Type:

First Look.


Thorough and detailed instructions good colours and registration.


None noted.


The decals look excellent, quite clearly printed with strong colours, good clear instructions.

Reviewed by Simon Wolff



In 1948 Sweden purchased 60 NF Mk. XIX Mosquito’s to be used by Wing F 1 in Västerås, in Swedish service the type was designated as the J30, it seems the aircraft were only in service for short time, apparently being replaced by Venoms in 1954.



It is a fairly comprehensive set of decals for this aircraft, although you only get one set of roundels there are options for eleven aircraft, as to colour schemes all bar one aircraft (J30 30001) were Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey. 30001 according to the decal instructions this was painted in overall Silver Dope. Each aircraft has on its tail a large single letter either in red, blue, yellow or white. The spinners were also painted in the same colours as the letter on the upper tail surface.



The set came with three sheets of decals, one containing the roundels and ten of the large aircraft letters with the second consisting of fifty plus English and Swedish aircraft stencils while the third smaller sheet holds corrections for the night fighter logo on the crew access door.



Please note the colour scan of the decal sheets in this review is much darker than the actual decal sheet which is lighter and paler, it should be like the decal instruction illustrations which appear more accurate (ah technology).



The decal instructions come as five A5 pages, four for the colours and one for the stencils, provided in a single zip lock bag. Plus suggested paint colours from Humbrol and Tamiya paints.



Moose Republic decals are or Moose Republic web site http://www.mooserepublic.se/.

Thanks to Moose Republic Decalsfor the sample

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