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MCW Paints
Military and Automotive Colours

MCW Finishes

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description and Price:

MCW Enamel Paints - USD$7.50 per bottle plus shipping

Contents and Media: Enamel paints in Military and Automotive ranges
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High gloss finish; smooth application; good coverage (even for yellow!); works well with MCW Clear Gloss and Micro Mesh cloths
Disadvantages: None noted.

These are definitely worth having on the shelf.

Reviewed by Jason Woollett



As I mainly build cars and bikes, I’m always on the lookout for new paints and colours to enhance my finishes, so I jumped at the chance to try some of these MCW paints when offered to review. 



These paints are enamel based paint, and on opening the bottle, that smell of these paints took me back to when I was a young boy brush finishing my first kits. Whilst I love the smell, you are best to have a well ventilated area when using these paints. 

They can be brush painted, or suitable thinned to use with your airbrush.  Their paints are produced using only top quality PPG paint products and formulas, and they mix and package their own paints. 

Besides their colour range, there is also a hardener to dry the paint faster (around 4hrs) and an enamel reducer. 

10002E Yellow, which was used in this sample, was presented in a class bottle that had mix ball inside to assist with mixing the contents. 



I used a spare resin body, which was given a shot of Tamiya grey primer and then given 3 coats of yellow to see how the colour covered the grey, which it did it the first coat. 



Off the gun, the gloss level was amazing, shiny and after leaving for 24hours, it remained shiny and smooth. 

I then tested the 1017 Clear Gloss and left again to dry, this time for 48 hours. Again, the gloss finish was shiny and very smooth. 



I then gave it a quick sand back with Micro Mesh pads and finished up with a quick polish which you can see in the picture came out amazing. 



In addition to their automotive colours, MCW also offer a growing range of military colours for aircraft and vehicles.





Looking at their website https://mcwfinishes.com/  and their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mcwfinishes shows their large and growing enamel range, as well as other non-enamel paints, covering automotive and military colours.

Thanks to MCW Finishes for the sample

Text Copyright 2021 by Jason Woollett
Page Created 30 June, 2021
Last updated 30 June, 2021

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