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MiG-15 bis

Hi-Decal Line, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number; Description, Scale and Price

Hi-Decal Line Item No. 48-009 - MiG-15 bis

Price TBA

Scale: 1/48 and also in 1/72 as 72-022
Review Type: One sheet of decals (19 x 11cm) and three glossy A4 double-sided cardboard poster/instructions.
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Beautifully printed, excellent colour and register, and feature an interesting selection of schemes.
Disadvantages: None noted.
Conclusion: This is a well-produced set of markings that will interest any modeller with a yen for early jet fighters from the Soviet bloc.

Reviewed by Graham Carter

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Produced in Germany by Joanna Pawlin-Rogoz this is the latest in a substantial range of decals in both major scales aimed at the jet models with previous sheets dedicated to such varied planes as MiG 15s, 19s, 21s and 29s, Sukhois, Phantoms, F-18s T-33s, IL-28s and F-84s.



This set comes in a  clear sleeve attached to a stapled card backing and consists of two sheets of decals for five MiGs from five  Air Forces in the 1950s. The instructions are in B&W on both sides of an A4 sheet. Drawings show three views for the camouflaged airframe and two views fro the NMF ones. Colours are indicated by various densities of dots and paints are indicated in Humbrol and ModelMaster numbers and there are notes to indicate special points of importance.



The individual aircraft markings are glossy and beautifully printed with excellent density and register as well as minimal carrier film with a small extra set for the Egyptian numbers. The mid-blue backing sheet makes the identification of each subject easy.



The five choices are:

  1. ’40’ of 147th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, Soviet AF in late 1953, in dark green/light brown over pale blue,

  2. ’12’ of the VVS Display team, 234th Aviation Regiment, 1954 in red uppers overNMF undersides,

  3. Lim-2 ‘1012’ of 1st Figheter Aviation Regiment, Polish AF 1959 in overall NMF,

  4. ‘3’ of 3rd Fighter Squadron, East German AF in 1957 in overall NMF, and 

  5. one from 20th Squadron, Egyptian AF in 1958 again in overall NMF.





This is a nice set of markings that will enable the modeller to produce an interesting and colourful batch of models. Highly recommended to those of you with an interest in early jet fighters from the Soviet bloc.

Thanks to Hi-Decal Line for the review sample

Review Text and Images Copyright 2022 by Graham Carter
Page Created 16 June, 2022
Last Updated 16 June, 2022

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