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US16E Ejection Seat
for Tamiya F-35A

Mini Craft Collection, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

Mini Craft Collection Item No. MCC4813 - US16E Ejection Seat for Tamiya F-35A



Contents & Media

Eight 3d printed resin parts; instructions.


GBP £8.50 UK Price (£7.08 Export Price) plus shipping available online from Hannants


USD $8.24 plus shipping available online from Squadron


and other MCC distributors worldwide

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Review Type:

First Look.


Perfectly printed; crisp surface textures; obvious improvement compared to plastic kit seats; belts are printed in place; simple removal and cleanup from printing base; great value.


No painting guide.


This is a gorgeously detailed replacement seat for Tamiya's new 1/48 scale F-35A kit.

Reviewed by Brett Green



Mini Craft Collection is a relatively new conmpany from China that focuses on 3d printed seats and accessories for US military jet aircraft.

Tonight I will review a recent release in Mini Craft Collections' growing range, a US16E Ejection Seat for Tamiya F-35A.



Mini Craft Collection MCC4813 - US16E Ejection Seat is speifically designef for Tamiya's recent F-35A.

The set arrives in a small stout silver tin.



The resin seat is cushioned securely in foam.



The seat itself is 3d printed inside a resin cage, which itself is further protected by foam packing.

My view of the seat was limited due to its position inside the resin cage, so I spent a few minutes partially freeing the seat and its small fittings with a new hobby blade .

The seat is crisply and amply detailed.



Surface textures are beautifully done. The harness straps with buckles and other hardware are printed in place.

I particularly like the intricate folded and resting harness straps.

In addition to the main seat part, MCC supplies a futher three fittings including pull handle, oxygen bottle and more.

These small parts are printed onto the base, so take care not to damage or lose them when you are freeing the main seat part.



There are no striations or any other printing imperfections whatsoever.

A small but clearly printed instruction leaflet is also inside the can. There is no painting guide included.



This is a lovely seat that will be a noticeable improvement compared to your plastic Tamiya US16E ejection seat. Careful painting and weathering will reward your efforts.



The price seems to be great value too.

Thanks to Mini Craft Collection for the sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright © 2023 Brett Green
Page Created 17 October, 2023
Last updated 18 October, 2023

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