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Ilyushin Il-76 Candids and
Boeing 737NGs


fundekals / Liveries Unlimited, 1/144 scale


Fundekals has sent the latest information about this forthcoming release:

Fündekals/Liveries Unlimited
1/144 Ilyushin Il-76 Candids and Boeing 737NGs

After a delay we’re putting down to family matters and the COVID lockdown, we finally got around to getting these decals ready to go.  First up is a selection of very colorful “civilian” Ilyushin Il-76 Candids.  These decals are designed to fit the Zvezda kit, although the Trumpeter kit may also be used with some modifications.  As usual, you get full color downloadable PDF instructions detailing everything you need to know to finish your model and apply the decals.  


Next up is a selection for the wildly popular Boeing 737NG series, again for the very nice Zvezda kits.  In addition to a comprehensive sheet of airframe stencil/safety/maintenance data (drawn from Boeing documentation), a selection of US major carriers is provided, covering the entire NG family.  We have provided extensive notes on minor differences in the color schemes and markings.

The decals have been printed by Cartograf - the best in the world - so you know the quality you’re getting.  We’re excited to see your airliners, so please send us photos to put on our gallery page!

And as always… have fun!

And be sure to check out our completely new web site at www.fundekals.net!

Thanks to fundekals for the information and images.

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Page Created 24 October, 2023
Last updated 24 October, 2023

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