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P-47C/D Thunderbolt Decals


fundekals, 1/48 scale


Fundekals has sent the latest information about this new release:

Fündekals 1/48 P-47C/D Decals

Fündekals is pleased to announce our latest project, covering early P-47Cs and Ds of the VIII Fighter command. As is our custom, we tossed out everything we thought we knew about these historic Jugs and started looking at each one with fresh eyes - and we were surprised at what we discovered!  New research from our good friend Dana Bell has resulted in some eye-opening color information that we don’t think has ever been done on any previous decal sheet.  We cover a number of aircraft with interesting nose art and operational histories that have also never been covered, as well as a new take on some familiar favorites that may not have looked the way we always thought they did..  Surprisingly, we discovered that quite a few P-47Cs and early block Ds remained operational until well into 1944.  


This project is geared toward the new Dora Wings 1/48 P-47C, which also includes cowling parts to build an early D, or you can do the modifications necessary to turn the Tamiya (or other) later D into one of these.  The decal will also include two full sets of P-47C/D airframe stencil data to allow you to bring your model to the next level of detail and accuracy.  Much of the nose art will be offset printed in super high resolution by Cartograf, providing unparalleled detail and accuracy.


We think you’ll be surprised by some of the information we have discovered, and you’ll be able to add some really historic and colorful Jugs to your collection.  The decal is at Cartograf for printing now, and we expect them to be delivered shortly after the holidays.

As always, have fun!

And be sure to check out our completely new web site at www.fundekals.net!

Thanks to fundekals for the information and images.

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Page Created 6 December, 2023
Last updated 6 December, 2023

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