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DHC-2 Beaver
Worldwide Collection

Xtradecal, 1/72 scale


Catalogue Number and Price:

DHC-2 Beaver Worldwide Collection

GBP 7.49 (Export)
GBP 8.99 (EU price) plus shipping available online from Hannants



Contents and Media:

Two waterslide decal sheets for ten subjects plus instructions and notes.

Review Type:



Excellent printing, colour and register quality, minimal carrier film and great choice of schemes backed up with good instructions.




An excellent diverse collection of schemes that should appeal to a number of modellers with an interest in this aircraft and would lend itself to a group purchase and as such come highly recommended.

Reviewed by Graham Carter



A well-timed arrival given that the Airfix kit has been re-released under the ‘Vintage’ label, rivets and all but still a pretty nice replica of this prolific workhorse around the world. Alternatively you may be able to dig out the Hobbycraft kit of a few decades ago.



The two sheets come in the familiar zip-lock bag with an A5 title sheet with the handy paint guide on the back giving a full Xtrcrylix list of colours for the RAF BS series, the US FS numbers and the Luftwaffe RLM series as well as varnishes and finishes - very thoughtful.



There are then two A4 double-sided colour sheets covering the ten subjects in port and starboard profiles and a then a set of elevation views for the upper and lower markings and colours. The sheets themselves are beautifully printed in a gloss finish with minuscule film and perfect register - the badges  and the multi-coloured Kenyan and South Arabian markings are just brilliant.



The smaller sheet contains the complex day-glo red markings for the Kenyan example.

The ten choices on the larger sheet are diverse and I have downloaded these from the Hannants website but added my own colour notes as follows:-

  1. 55-4585, 'S.9', of 334 Squadron, Royal Netherlands Air Force, based at Valkenburg, Netherlands, 1957 in overall dark brown/ dark green with large areas of solid day-glo which the modeller will have to apply,

  2. L-20A, 51-16532, 'LG-532', of 50 TFW, USAFE, based at Hahn AB, West Germany, 1958  in Overall natural metal with coloured bands on cowling and fin,

  3. ’KAF102', of Kenyan Air Force, based in Kenya, 1968 in overall painted silver and a grey lower cowling.

  4.  54-2000, '8019', Taiwanese Air Force, based in Taiwan, 1980 in overall black and white rudder,

  5. 26156, of E.L.A. 54, Armee de l'air based in Indochina, 1954in overall matt aluminium

  6. '3B.GC', of Austrian Armed Forces, based in Austria, 1963 in overall dark olive green with large fluorescent orange patches on wings and rudder,

  7. U-6A, 'MT 16534', of South Vietnamese Air Force, based in South Vietnam, 1968 in tan/dark green camouflage over pale grey.

  8.  '375', of Peruvian Air Force, based in Peru, 1965 painted silver and yellow u/c legs,

  9.  '301', of South Arabian Air Force based in South Arabia, 1964 in overall dark brown/ dark green.

  10.   A95-201, 'Miss Sheila' of Royal Australian Air Force, Antarctic Flight, 1956 in overall trainer yellow and the odd upright ‘boxing kangaroo’ roundels.



This represents an excellent diverse collection that should appeal to a number of modellers with an interest in this aircraft and would lend itself to a group purchase and as such come highly recommended.



Thanks to Hannants for the review sample

Xtradecals are available online from Hannants' website

Review Text Copyright © 2023 by Graham Carter
This Page Created on 5 June, 2023
Last updated 6 June, 2023

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