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Me 309 V4

Brengun, 1/144 scale

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Brengun Kit No. BRP144017 - Messerschmitt Me 309 V4



Contents & Media

41 parts in grey plastic; one part in clear; markings for one subject.


Euro 13.07 plus shipping available online from Brengun


£7.80 EU Price (£6.50 outside Europe) plus shipping available online from Hannants

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Review Type:

First Look.


Interesting subject; well moulded; good level of detail for the scale; crisp decals.


None noted.


This is a nice little kit that will be a fast and easy build. Take a little extra time and care and you'll have a unique result.

Reviewed by Brett Green




The Messerschmitt Me 309 was a prototype German fighter, designed in the early years of World War II to replace the Bf 109.

Although it had many advanced features, the Me 309's performance left much to be desired and it had so many problems that the project was cancelled with only four prototypes built.



The Me 309 was one of two failed Messerschmitt projects intended to replace the aging Bf 109, the other being the Me 209 of 1943.*

* basic information courtesy of Wikipedia.





The latest addition to Brengun's 1/144 scale Messerschmitt Me 309 family is the V4.

Brengun's 1/144 scale Messerschmitt Me 309 V4 comprises 41 parts in grey plastic, one part in clear and markings for a single subject.



If you have built a Brengun 1/144 scale kit before you'll know what to expect. The parts are moulded to two small sprues.



Attachment points are admirably fine.

Surface textures are finely done, mainly comprising recessed panel lines.

The cockpit is well fitted out for this small scale. The seat and rudder pedals are moulded to the floor and the rear bulkhead, with the instrument panel as a separate part.

The tail section is supplied separately. Two styles are included but you'll only be using the larger version for the V4.



Alternative horizontal stabilisers are offered too.

The port and starboard wings are moulded as one piece each with the main wheel wells moulded in place.



The nose gear is moulded with the wheel attached to the leg. Main wheels are separate parts.

The canopy is supplied in one piece. A vacform version may be purchased separately if you want to display the canopy open.



Also see our review for photo-etched, resin and vacform upgrades for this kit by following this link.



A single set of markings is included for the Me 309 V4 prototype.



Decals are crisply printed and in register.

Swastikas are provided. Each is split vertically.





This is a nice little kit that will be a fast and easy build. Take a little extra time and care and you'll have a unique result..

Thanks to Brengun for the review sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2023 by Brett Green
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Last updated 21 February, 2023

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