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British Testing Colours

Freightdog Models, 1/72 scale

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Freightdog Models Item No. FSD72020 - British Testing Colours



Contents & Media

Waterslide decals for six subjects with colour scheme & placement guides.   


£16.00 plus shipping available online from Freightdog Models

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First Look.


Beautifully printed decals, a terrific set of choices  and good coloured clear instructions.


None noted.


If this is your scale and interest area then this is a highly recommended set of decals and what’s not to like about these colourful aeroplanes..

Reviewed by Graham Carter

F i r s t L o o k


Packed in the usual clear zip-lock sleeve with a  colour rendition of the five choices on the cover sheet, we find full decals (apart from stencilling) for a variety of very colourful RAF test aircraft from the early 1960s through to the mid-1970s.



Some of these will involve some conversion/construction alterations and this is explained in full on the rear of the instruction booklet, with some components available as resin goodies from Freightdog themselves.



The choices are certainly a colourful lot that will grace any collection. The A5 full colour instruction sheet gives a description and four-view drawings of each choice and these are:

  1. Hawker Hunter T.Mk12, XE531 of RAE Farnborough in 1976 in Emerald Green with white spine, fin and nose flash - the Xtrakit being recommended,

  2. Shackleton MR3 WR972 of RAE Farnborough in 1961 in the standard Dark Sea Grey /white finish but with yellow and Black striped undersurfaces and Flourescent red/orange nose, rear fuselage, upper wing tips and fins - that should test the masking - using the Revell kit or the masochist could try the FROG one,

  3. HS Gnat T. Mk.1 XP505 of RAE Bedford in early 1970s in overall gloss Light Aircraft Grey with Roundel blue upper wings and fuselage sections, white spine and fin and gloss orange wing tips using the Airfix kit,

  4. HS Gnat T. Mk.1 prototype XM693, Dunsfold 1963 in High Speed Silver with Flourescent Orange patches on tail, wingtips, tanks and lower nose with matte black rear fuselage covered with tufting for spin trials, using the Airfix kit, but with nose modifications as it had no nose light, and the modeller should have a lot of fun representing those rows of cotton tufts!,

  5. EE Lightning P.11 (T4) XL629, ETPS, A&AEE Boscombe Down, 1972 in overall NMF with gloss Light Aircraft Grey spine and engine cover and other smaller panels. Using the Sword kit with some simple modifications, and 

  6. Hawker Hunter F. Mk.6 (P.1109A)WW598 of RAE Bedford in early 1960s, in overall gloss Roundel Blue with white cheat lines  and lettering. Uses a modified Revell kit with the straight leading edge and new nose available from Freightdog (I also have a conversion I bought from Maintrack back in the 1980s).



The decals themselves are printed on a mid-blue sheet that allows the white items to be clearly identified - thank you Freightdog!.



They are glossy, with very fine film margins, excellent colour density and perfect register, especially the minuscule white outlines to some roundels.



C o n c l u s i o n


In summary then, this is a great sheet for modellers who, like myself , find the test aircraft to be a colourful and fascinating side to our hobby. As such it comes highly recommended for its quality and excellent instructions.

Thanks to Freightdog Models for the review samples.

Text and Images Copyright 2024 by Graham Carter
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