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Airfix Preview

1/48 scale Bristol Bulldog




Airfix has sent images of box art, marking guide and other images of their latest all-new release:


A05141 Bristol Bulldog Mk.II

We are thrilled to announce the much anticipated NEW TOOLED 1:48 scale Bristol Bulldog Mk.II is NOW AVAILABLE!

Ranked at skill level 3, the new tool 1:48 scale Bristol Bulldog Mk.II features three vibrant and captivating schemes from 1929 to 1930, consisting of two RAF schemes based at Upavon, Wiltshire, and scheme C showcasing the Royal Australian Air Force variant, from Point Cook, Victoria. Featuring remarkable details including the highly detailed radial engine, to the subtly rendered fabric skin effect and included rigging instructions, this newly engineered kit comprises of 120 parts and two striking designs to choose from. Once complete, the kit displays at 215mm in wingspan and 159mm in length.



A gleaming silver steed flown by the most capable and intrepid young men Britain could call upon, the Bristol Bulldog was one of the most important British aircraft of the inter-war period, when powerful biplane fighters unquestionably ruled the skies. Initially developed as a private venture by the Bristol Aeroplane Company, the Bulldog was the brainchild of accomplished aircraft designer Frank Barnwell, the man behind the successful Bristol F2B Fighter of the Great War, and was a light, all-metal and fabric-covered fighter, powered by a 440hp Bristol Jupiter engine.



 The Bulldog was armed with a pair of forward-firing Vickers 0.303" machine guns mounted on either side of the cockpit, but ultimately never fired its guns in anger during a relatively short seven-year period serving with Fighter Command. Although it was the most capable fighter of the day, the Bulldog was more closely associated with challenging formation flying and spectacular aerobatics, with the Royal Air Force thrilling huge crowds at airshows and pageants around the country, as they demonstrated the effectiveness of a modernising air force.


Key details Include:

  • Subtly rendered fabric skin effect.

  • Multi-part cockpit includes fuselage framework, ammo bins and machine gun breeches.

  • Design based on exclusive access to 1000+ original Bristol drawings.

  • Details include camera gun, wing mounted generators, bomb rack and landing flare.


Scheme A: Bristol Bulldog Mk.II, No. 3 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Upavon, Wiltshire, England, 1929

Scheme B: Bristol Bulldog Mk.II, No. 17 Squadron, Royal Air Force Upavon, Wiltshire, England, 1930

Scheme C: Bristol Bulldog Mk.II, Fighter Squadron, No. 1 Flying Training School, Royal Australian Air Force Point Cook, Victoria, Australia, 1930s.

We will have more details in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Airfix for the information and images.

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Last updated 31 May, 2024

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