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David Doyle Books News
Easter 2024

Dear Friends,

Over the past couple of weeks many of you have written offering prayers and encouragement with regard to my mother (we mentioned her injury in a fall in a prior newsletter) - and I would like to begin by thanking each of you for those messages.  We have tried to respond to each of them individually, but the days have been long, draining and full of interruptions, so in the event I did not respond to a note you may have sent, I ask your forgiveness.  All such notes have been appreciated.

After many hours of "discussion" with insurance, physicians and therapists, mom has finally moved from a trauma ward to a rehabilitation center. Hopefully there she will learn how to function/cope with only one eye, and it with limited vision.  Your continued prayers are appreciated.

Denise and I, with some help from friends, have managed to get orders out, with only brief delays from our norm.  As of this writing all orders received prior to noon today have been shipped.

Also this week, we drew for the winner fo the I Love Kit 1/35-scale DUKW, along with our definitive Complete DUKW Historical Reference and GPA/DUKW Walk Around.  The winner is John Gilbert! Congratulations John, please email me from the address you used to register for instructions on how to claim your prize.  If we don't hear from John by April 5, the kit will be going with us to the AMPS convention in South Bend to be given away during the 11-13 April convention.  Because we will be away for the convention (and doing a bit of research), we will have very limited ability to ship orders from 4 April to 16 April - so please don't wait until the last minute to order your needed references!

We do have a bit of a backlog of inbound freight we are still working through, which includes several restocked and new titles, including:

  • USMC Tracked Amphibious Vehicles - post WWII - just in time for those building one of the new M76 Otter kits!

  • Air Modeller 113 has arrived, along with additional back issues of AFV Modeller.

  • Re-release of several books from PeKo Publishing - and restock of other books

  • We restocked several titles from JJ Fedorowicz Publishing - we've not had time to set up a dedicated page for these great books, but they can be found on our new German tank page, with a few on the Other Ground Warfare page.

  • Our expanding selection of books has caused us to separate the German Tracked Vehicles from German half-tracks and Armored Cars.  Axis soft skin wheeled vehicles continues to have a dedicated page.

  • Our selection of Panzer Tracts is now searchable both on the Panzer Tracts page as well as the three previously mentioned category pages, however, PeKo is not yet listed anywhere but on the brand-specific page.

  • The BIG NEWS in terms of military books this week is the return of the Son of Sherman!  A number of people who reserved this book have not responded to the arrival notification - thus we have some books available.  To order your copy of this classic, click here.  We have a number of shipping options available for this title, BUT please note when ordering this book one of the special Son of Sherman (SoS) shipping rates must be used - even though the usual "Standard International" rate still shows as an option, it will NOT be valid for this massive 11-pound volume!

And of course, the biggest news of all is that tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Denise and I will be taking the day off to give thanks for our salvation, and for healing being granted to my mom.  This won't be our usual family gathering and worship on Easter, but after church we'll visit mom and rejoice in all that we have been given through Christ.

We hope you do the same.

Happy Easter to you and your family!


David and Denise Doyle