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David Doyle Books News
May 15, 2024

Dear Friends,

Denise and I are leaving for the big Findlay, Ohio, military show tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. This will be followed by a few days of research in Michigan.  While we are away, no orders will be shipped.  We will do our best to ship all orders that are received today (and early evening tonight) before we leave, naturally with those specifying FedEx or Priority Mail being the first to be packed.  We expect to resume our normal shipping routine next Thursday - but please be aware that when we travel we often return to something of a backlog.

Yesterday we received the new Panzer Tracts 15-2 book, concerning the Sd. Kfz. 251 half-track, as well as our friend Tom Larmlein's new Flak book.  Those who reserved these books have been sent special links to complete their reservations - but we do have a few extra copies which are available at the links above.

In addition, we got in the new "Through the Lens" book and the last installment of the Peko "on the Battlefield" series, which concerns Panzer Regiment/ABT 18, as well as restocks of Panzer Wrecks (both their books and their eponymous series), Panzer Tracts and Legends of Warfare books.

in case you missed the announcement in last week's newsletter - we recently received a large number of Tank Power books.

Also, we have opened reservations for Panzer Tracts 3-3, which concerns the Panzer III J, L, M & N - click here to reserve your copy!  These are expected in a couple of weeks, so there is a brief reservation window.

Unfortunately, we continue to have problems with inbound freight being damaged, so even more books are now available on our Dented but Still Good page.

PLEASE NOTE, when placing your order pay attention and be sure and enter your street number and street name on the same line - not doing so triggers an error message on our end and delays shipping. 

Denise and I feel very blessed to have your ongoing support, and hope to see many of you later this week in Findlay!

David & Denise Doyle