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Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6

by Matthew Walker
Photography by Brett Green

bf109g6mw_1.jpg (60700 bytes)

Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6
Oblt. Otto Schilling, 9. III/JG54, Luneberg, Spring 1944

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I n t r o d u c t i o n

I am an unashamed JG54 devotee. Having read several histories of this particular Jagdgeschwader, I am fascinated with the exploits, personalities and aircraft that go to make up this unit's history.

When I first saw a picture of a JG54 Bf109G-6 painted in a very distinctive spotty camouflage, I knew that one day I would model this aircraft. This picture appears on page 82 of JG 54 Jagdgeschwader 54 Grunherz Aces of the Eastern Front by Jerry Scutts (Airlife Publishing).

bg109g6mw_3.jpg (38114 bytes)

I decided to wait a while as I had heard that Hasegawa would produce a G-6 kit to add to their earlier 109 series. I used the new kit for this project.

The abovementioned picture was the main reference for this project.

H a s e g a w  a ' s    B f    1 0 9 G - 6

This effort was as close as out of the box as I have come for quite a while. Additions include seat belts, drop tank fuel pipe in the cockpit, representation of the wheel well ribbing, and True Details wheels.

P a i n t i n g

Aeromaster paints were used for the main colours with this project. The blue for the Reichsverteidigung band was mixed from Gunze and Tamiya acrylics. Decals came from various Aeromaster sheets, the main sheet being SP48-02 Luftwaffe Green Hearts JG54.

C o n c l u s i o n

I encountered no problems whatsoever with Hasegawa’s latest addition to their 109 family. My only gripe is regarding the upper cowl gun trough insert. Fitting this piece involved some rather tedious filling, filing and re-scribing to achieve a suitable result (I suppose, however, you could call this good old fashioned modelling!).

Will I build another Hasegawa 109G-6? Without hesitation!

M o r e     P h o t o g r a p h s

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Model and Article Copyright 1998 by Matthew Walker
Photographs Copyright 1998 by Brett Green
This Page Created 12 July 1998
Last updated 26 July 2007

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