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BMW R/75 With Sidecar

by Nicola Morgantini


BMW R/75 With Sidecar





I used the "basic" kit sold by Hasegawa for this tiny model. It is only 31mm x 25mm x 18 mm. The Hasegawa box even includes a Kubelwagen. 

First, I separated the fork from the frame and reworked the arms using a very small mill mounted on my motor tool to eliminate as much material as possible (thinking about it now, it would certainly have been easier to cut the piece and reproduce the stems with 2 small plastic rods or similar). I then added two mudguard support arcs from copper wire and glued in place the steering bar which received the brake and clutch levers and 3 wires. 



Two carburettors were then added, and I installed the two mudguards in front of the engine. This feature is clearly visible on the Dragon 1/9 model, connected to the chassis with a rod. I also added the starter lever and the foot support, while the rear mudguard received the same support arc of the front one. The sidecar was quite nice, so I just scratchbuilt the MG's support. 



The "solid" appearance of the wheels can be avoided by painting the whole complex black, then dry brushing the rim and the spokes with the chassis color (in this case Sandgelb). 

I painted the whole vehicle in the typical "Sandgelb" of Deutsches Afrika Korps, then I added very heavy washes and dry brushing with 5-6 different colours and painted some parts with lightly different color to simulate the "used" aspect of the real vehicles. 

I brush-painted the famous emblem of the palm on the rear part of the sidecar and the front mudguard mounted number-plate, while the rear one was a decal from the kit. I finally drilled the barrel of the MG and added a helmet by drilling a soldier's head (poor guy!). 



All my detailing was awarded with a special prize in a recent contest.

Model, Text and Images Copyright 2000 by Nicola Morgantini
Page Created 06 January, 2001
Last Updated 26 July, 2007

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