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Vought F4U-1D Corsair

Model and Photos by Xavier Lena
Description by Brett Green

Vought F4U-1D Corsair

Four more thumbnail images of this F4U-1D plus five of an F4U-1A in the body of the article

Xavier Lena has been busy since the very recent release of Tamiya's new F4U-1D. He has built not one, but two of Tamiya's latest offering - one as the intended F4U-1D and one as the earlier (but very similar) F4U-1A.


I n t r o d u c t i o n


Tamiya's new F4U-1D is another welcome addition to the ever-growing range of World War Two aircraft in 1/48 scale.

The layout and quality of the kit will come as no surprise to modellers who have already bought 1/48 Tamiya's F4U-1/2 kit. The main differences are the plain fuselage upper-mid insert (behind the canopy); the different diameter propeller and the clear canopy. The kit also includes the earliest version of the blown canopy as used on the F4U-1A. Drop tanks and stub-mounts for rockets are supplied but, curiously, the rockets themselves are not.



A well sculpted pilot figure posed climbing into the cockpit is a nice touch.

Markings for three F4U-1Ds are included, all of which are in overall dark blue.

Although the F4U-1A canopy is furnished, the propeller for this version is actually different to the one supplied in the kit. If you want to build an accurate F4U-1A, you will need to source a propeller from either the earlier F4U-1/2 kit (an expensive option) or perhaps from an old ARII/Otaki kit you may have lying around!

Construction of the kit will be similar to Tamiya's earlier F4U-1/2. For a full construction feature on this kit, see Richard Chafer's article here on HyperScale.


X a v i e r ' s   C o r s a i r s

HyperScale visitor Xavier Lena has been extremely busy. He has built not one, but two of Tamiya's newest Corsair. He has finished the first as an F4U-1A.


F4U-1A Corsair

Xavier built Ira Kepford's F4U-1A using the Tamiya kit.


The kit propeller is used. The model is built straight from the box, except for the Reheat belts and the decal frames on the canopy. Xavier is not entirely convinced by the accuracy of the frames on the Tamiya F4U-1A canopy.

The only correction required is a gap in the fuselage at the trailing edge of the wing root where the inner flap section comes into contact with the fuselage.

The holes on either side need to be blocked with a piece of styrene, otherwise the gaps will be clearly visible from the cockpit.



RUB n' BUFF has been applied as an undercoat, with the camouflage colours comprising Aeromaster Intermediate blue, Gunze H54 (Navy Blue) and H11 (Flat white). The two blues are highlighted with Gunze H307 (FS 36320) to reproduce the sun bleached colours.

Aeromaster decals were also used.

A wash of black artists oil diluted in BP lighter fluid (!), then a matt GUNZE varnish coat finished off the painting. Paint was randomly chipped off to reveal the silver Rub n' Buff beneath


More F4U-1A

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F4U-1D Corsair

Xavier's F4U-1D is built out of the box, with the fuselage wing root gaps corrected as described above. It is painted with Gunze H55 (midnight blue), and highlighted with Gunze H305 (FS 36118).


The metal undercoat is also RUB n' BUFF paste, applied before painting and chipped with a knife afterwards.

The wash is made with Raw Umber artist color diluted in BP lighter fuel.

Aeromaster decals completed this very attractive package.


More F4U-1D Images

To view more full-sized images of Xavier's F4U-1D, click the thumbnails below. Click on the "Back" arrow on your browser to return to this page.




Model, Article Text and Photographs Copyright 1998 by Xavier Lena
Page Created 19 October, 1998
Last Updated 26 July, 2007

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